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   You've sailed across the Atlantic
Ocean, through weather both good and
bad!  The journey has taken months,
but at last you are approaching your
destination, the New World!  On
board, everyone is relaxing, when
suddenly your lookout shouts, "Reef
ahead!" Instantly, all hands assume
their posts and within seconds, your
mighty galleon is turned away from
the reef!

   As you survey the immediate area,
you realize that you have entered
the coral reefs at the east end of
the Caribbean Sea!  You must be very
careful to cross these waters
without your hull being damaged!

   But it gets even worse!  "Ship
ahoy!" the lookout cries!  Then you
see the dot on the horizon!  As it
comes closer, a chill grips your
heart -- it's the infamous Red
Scourge, terror of the Atlantic
Coast!  His red sails are
unmistakeable!  To arms!  Ready
cannons!  To battle!


   Galleons is a neat two-player
game in which you control your ship
with joysticks and try to sink the
enemy ship!  Move your ship by
moving the joystick in any of the
four main directions (forward,
backward, left and right)!  But be
careful -- don't forget that your
ship is the middle of a bunch of
razor-sharp coral reefs!

   There's coral all around, and
it's not all visible!  Running into
a reef will damage your ship and you
may even sink!  The counter at the
bottom of the screen shows how much
damage your hull can still take!

   If you absolutely must go into
the coral, you can!  But you'll have
to smash through it and suffer the
consequences!  At least when you
break down the coral, it's destroyed
and won't do any more damage!  The
ship's cannons can smash the coral
at long range, but it may take a few

   To fire your cannons, just press
the button and move the joystick in
the direction you want to fire!  The
amount of damage done by a
cannonball varies according to
distance and angle!

   If you're desparate enough, you
can ram the enemy ship!  But
although you'll cause major damage,
your hull will also suffer!

   The bottom of the screen displays
the strength of each ship and the
game speed!  There is also an
indicator next to each player's
score that will light when your
cannons are ready to fire!

   Format a fresh disk with DOS 2 or
DOS 2.5 (remember to WRITE DOS FILES
to this disk)!  Next, copy
GALLEONS.EXE to this disk!  Finally,
To start the game, insert your
GALLEONS disk into the disk drive,
remove any cartridges from your
Atari (XL and XE owners should
depress the [OPTION] key) and turn
on your computer!  GALLEONS will
automatically load and run!

   The [START] key begins a game any
time!  Pressing [OPTION] redraws the
screen!  Each time you do this the
coral reefs will be drawn randomly,
the ships will be placed in random
positions and the hulls will be
restored to full strength!  The
[SELECT] key changes the speed of
the game between slow, medium and
fast!  Changing the speed does not
interrupt game play!

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