Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 6 / OCTOBER 1987

Super Disk Bonus

Antic Spelling Checker

Speed-scan your writing

The Super Disk Bonus this month is Antic Spelling Checker. This fast, powerful machine language program makes it easy to handle as many as 10 personal dictionaries. It works with most DOS text files—such as AtariWriter, PaperClip, etc.

On an 8-bit Atari with 48K memory, you could have more than 6,300 words per dictionary (averaging five bytes per word). That adds up to over 63,000 words for the 10 dictionaries on your Antic Spelling Checker disk.

Antic Spelling Checker can create your new dictionaries by alphabetizing all the unique words in a text file and letting you edit the results. This is Antic's fourth monthly Super Disk Bonus—useful programs which are too large or complex for publication as a type-in listing.

The Antic Spelling Checker program (PSC.EXE) and manual (HELP.BAS) are on Side B of the monthly disk. To read the instruction screens or make a printout, select choice 5 from the Side B menu.

Your $5.95 Antic October Disk—featuring Antic Spelling Checker—could go in the mail to you today! Phone the Antic Disk Desk at (415) 957-0886 and use your Visa or Mastercard.

On disk  PSC.EXE Download

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