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Antic Vol. 6 No. 6 - October 1987 - Football Predictor

  • Users Group Of The Month ACENET Boosts User Power 17 SoCal groups join forces by Gregg Pearlman
  • Starting Out Atari Animation Lesson 5: Introducing Bit-Mapping by Robin Alan Sherer
  • Antic Prompter Your next speech goes scrolling by by Heidi Brumbaugh
  • Education Maverick Atari School Idaho kids program Lego robots by Gregg Pearlman
  • Checkbook Balancer End bounced checks the easy way by Rod Saylor
  • Football Predictor Beat the Vegas spread on NFL winners by Bill Marquardt, David Cowles
  • I/O Board
  • Bonus Game Math Flashcards Arithmetic drill that kids really use by Andy Barton
  • New Products Okidata 180, Cycle Knight, Atari-Look Calculator, Microstuffer, XR 100 Bar Coder by Gregg Pearlman
  • Page 6 Exchange - Graphics Impossible Antic imports Britain's best by Paul Lay
  • Bonus Game Name the Presidents Woodrow who..?s by Peter Loeser
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Linkword Languages, Guitar Wizard, Ultraspeed Chip by Jim Pierson-Perry, Heidi Brumbaugh, Charles Cherry
  • Antic Prompter ST Give yourself that Cronkite confidence by Patrick Bass
  • Game of the Month Resistors Action game teaches binary and electronics by Chuck Rosko
  • ST New Products Supercharger, LabelMaster Elite, Sub Battle Simulator, ARTablets, P-edit, Sales-Pro Software Systems, Encrypt
  • ST Reviews Balance of Power, Talking Educational Software by Harvey Bernstein, Sol Guber
  • Disk Bonus Antic Spelling Checker Scan 63,000 words at machine language speed
  • Tech Tips by Ken Cox, Carl Evans, Chris Richardson
  • Teleprompting with Atari Our favorite 8-bit cues the President by Gregg Pearlman
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