Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 6 / OCTOBER 1987

ST New Products


The Supercharger ($19.95) loads DEGAS and NEOchrome bit-images and lets you take advantage of all the bit-image clip art available. This package also loads scanned images or portions of any screen display as well as incorporating resolution independent image files, displaying scanned images on color or monochrome screens and printing final images at a much higher resolution.

Font Pack 1 ($39.95) comes in 9- and 24-pin version and contains Rocky and HiTech fonts. Personal Draw Art ($29.95) has over 100 object-oriented images such as vehicles, borders and symbols. Technical Draw Art ($29.95) is for Easy-Draw users creating technical illustrations, floor plans, etc. Drivers are now available for the Hewlett Packard Laserjet Plus and Series II printers and 24 pin printers (Star NB series, NEC P series and Epson LQ series). Each retails for $19.95.

With the 100 designs on the LabelMaster Elite ($44 .95) disk, you can print labels with or without designs and in several formats, including mailing labels, 3x5 or 4x6 index cards, and 3.5-inch disk labels. You can import designs from Printmaster or use the graphics editor to create your own custom designs. Improvements over the original LabelMaster include enhancements such as circle, line, box, mirror-drawing commands and a clip board that lets you cut and paste between designs.

Migraph, 720 South 333rd Street, Suite 201, Federal Way, WA 98003. (206) 838-4677. PRESS.


Command any of six classes of World War II submarines in either the Atlantic or Pacific, complete your mission, survive and return home. In Sub Battle Simulator, the 24 American and 36 German missions, based on historical data, include Seek and Destroy, Rendezvous, Lifeguarding and Patrol. Action takes place between 1939 and 1945 in one of three modes: Target Practice, Single Mission or Wartime.

$39.95. Epyx, 600 Galveston Drive, P.O. Box 8020, Redwood City, CA 94043. (415) 366-0606. PRESS.


ARTablets, EI/O's new graphics tablets are actually electronic drawing boards used with an electronic stylus—so you can draw in the normal manner instead of trying to etch fine images with your mouse. However, you can still use the mouse and keyboard. The three ARTablet sizes (in inches) are 6 x 9($395), 12 x 12 ($539) and 12 x 18 ($877). The two larger tablets come with a four-button "puck" for precision tracing and drafting. ARTablets are compatible with NEOchrome, the DEGAS programs, Publishing Partner, CAD-3D, First CADD, Aegis Animator and others.

EI/O Products, 1559 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852. (301) 869-5984. FINAL.


The Brother MI409 ribbon from Aspen Ribbons ($5.50 to $10.50) work on Centronics (and Printstation) 210 and ITT 9317 printers, as well as the Brother MI409. The Brother MI509/MI709 ribbons ($6.25 to $10.95) work with Ampak Business Svstems 1509, Centronics (and Printstation) 220 and ITT 9318 and 9319 printers.

Aspen Ribbons Inc., 555 Aspen Ridge Drive, Lafayette, Co 80026. (303) 666-5750. PRESS.


The New Aladdin is a different kind of general interest publication—it's on disk. Six times a year you'll receive two disks containing an interactive magazine to be read, played with and manipulated. Conduct your own press conference with the president—he'll respond just as you'd expect—or read movie reviews and short sto)ries, or even play games.

$19.95 each, $79.95 for six issues. Disk Publications, 12200 Park Central Drive, Suite 310, Dallas, TX 75251. (800) 346-6467. In Texas, call collect: (214) 788-4441. FINAL.


This accessory and utility package for the ST includes a high-speed print spooler, a RAMdisk with auto-copy, a printer enhancer, a screen saver, keyboard macros, a digital screen clock, alarms, a file lister, an expression calculator and more.

$49.95. SoftWerx, P.O. Box 71118, Murray, UT 84107. (801) 272-5623. PRESS.


P-edit, a full-screen line-oriented editor optimized for source code editing, features multiple large file-editing, inverse video, cut—and-paste and copy functions, online help and controlled global search-and-replace. Other functions include match/check nested parentheses, optional auto—indent, GOTO line number command, unlimited line length, horizontal scrolling and block shifting.

$30. KEPCO (Kenworthy Engineered Products Company), P.O. Box 58338, Renton, WA 98058. (206) 271-4056. PRESS.


The Sales-Pro Software System ($299), a point-of-sale and inventory control program, allows up to two billion records and handles end-of-day summaries, deposits and password securities. Add Module #1 ($149) for customer files and backup capabilities. and Module #2 ($149) for accounts receivables and lay-away capability.

$499 if purchased as a package. Hi-Tech Advisers, P.O. Box 7524, Winter Haven, FL 33883-7524. (813) 294-1885. PRESS.


Encrypt—and later decrypt——any file: even a Captain Marvel decoder ring won't help the excessively curious. Whether your file contains corporate secrets or a potato pancake recipe. you still have every right to keep it private. The Double Agent cipherbase scrambles BASIC programs, spreadsheet templates, letters, business plans, research data—you name it.

$29.95. Middle Coast Publishing, P.O. Box 2522, Iowa City, IA 52244. (319) 335-4078. PRESS.

New ST product notices are compiled from information provided by the products' manufacturers. Antic assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of tbese notices or the performance of the product. Each mention is followed by a code word indicating that, at press time, Antic had seen a FINAL marketable version, near-final BETA, earlier ALPHA, incomplete DEMO, or PRESS release.