Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 6 / OCTOBER 1987

Bonus Game

Name the Presidents

"Woodrow who..?

by Peter Loeser

Screenshot This simple, short program helps youngsters learn the Presidents of the U.S. It works on 8-bit Atari computers of any memory size, disk or cassette.

Name the Presidents requires you to identify all 40 American presidents in the order they were elected. It gives you both the number and first name of each president and then asks for the last name.

If you guess correctly, you keep going. If you're wrong or don't know the answer, you can either continue guessing or type HELP for the correct answer. When you've named all the presidents, the number of your guesses is displayed.


To play Name the Presidents, type in Listing 1, PRESQUIZ.BAS, check it with TYPO II and SAVE a copy before you RUN it. The answers have been encoded, to discourage students from peeking.

To change the number of presidents after the 1988 election, change the value of the variable TL in line 115. Next, encode the entry by substituting each letter of the president's last name with the next higher letter of the alphabet (FORD, for example, would become GPSE). Finally, add a new data line after 920 and remember to include the final line: DATA 0,END,END.

As a high school social science teacher and president of The Educator's Atari Club (TEAC) in Laytonville, CA, I have produced and rewritten educational programs for our users group's library for several years. I wrote this program for Antic as a thanks for all the educational programs they've published in the past. Our group now has a library of over 25 classroom-tested educational disks, and because Atari educational software is so hard to come by, we do all we can to find or produce new public domain programs.

Peter Loeser invites teachers to find out more about what The Educator's Atari Club is up to. Contact TEAC at P.O. Box 1024, Laytonville, CA 95454.

Listing 1  PRESQUIZ.BAS Download