Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1987

ST New Products



FTL's Micro Cookbook has hundreds of recipes and a complete cooking database program that can search and retrieve recipes by ingredient, category and more. The program can give suggestions for leftovers or new entrees, and you can add your own recipes. Features include menu planning, portion sizing, calorie control and automatic preparation of shopping lists.

$49.95. FTL, 6160 Lusk Blvd., C-206, San Diego, CA 92121. (619) 453-5711. PRESS.


The new version of Graphic Artist provides a print queue and includes more printer and plotter drivers, as well as improved driver editors that let you support virtually any dot-matrix printer (including 24-pin printers, but excluding color printers printing in multiple colors), laser printers (except Postscript) and plotters. Also, the last mouse coordinates typed are displayed when new coordinates are typed in. Other features include improved path-name syntax checking, printing tips and more precise text margin alignments.

$199.95. Progressive Computer Applications, Inc., 2002 McAuliffe Drive, Rockville, MD 20851. (301) 340-8398. PRESS.


The Famous Course Disk: Volume II features three of the most difficult courses in the world: Turnberry in Scotland, the Inverness Club in Ohio and Harbour Town in South Carolina, for use with Accolade's Mean 18 golf simulation.

$19.95. Accolade, 20833 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, CA 95014. (408) 446-5757. FINAL.


Chessmaster 2000, with more than 71,000 opening positions, contains the largest opening move library available for a computer chess game. The game provides 12 levels of play, teach and hint modes, and the ability to retract moves—all the way back to the beginning of the game. The Chessmaster 2000 library contains 100 famous games, such as the Kasparov/Karpov championships or even the Chessmaster 2000 vs. Sargon III battle of 1986.

$44.95. Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Drive, San Mateo, CA 94404. (415) 571-7171. FINAL.


GFA Draft ($99.50), a two-dimensional CAD program, makes it easy to create circuits, scaled drawings and detailed plans. You can have 255 drawing layers (and display up to ten at once) and two styles of variable sized/directioned text, or print or plot in different colors and densities. Other features include Measure, Enlarge, Reduce and Rotate commands.

MichTron's TRIMbase ($150) data management system lets you handle large amounts of data, enter names, addresses, personal or business details, and generate custom reports, both as tables and as free text. The program also provides special relational functions for cross-file interactions: condense, break up, merge, subtract and join files.

In Journey to the Lair, adapted from the arcade game Dragon's Lair, you'll help Dirk the Daring try to save Princess Daphne. The Dragon's Lair disk is $29.95, as is the video laser cable, hut the entire package costs $49.95.

If you think about it, what else could R.A.I.D. ($39.95) be but a program debugger? Features include a mini-assembler/disassembler, full screen editing capability, tracer options, copy, fill and move block commands, breakpoints you can reset and two screen displays to keep program and debugging activity isolated.

MichTron, 576 South Telegraph, Pontiac, Ml 48053. (313) 334-5700. PRESS.

New ST product notices are compiled from information provided by the products' manufacturers. Antic assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these notices or the performance of the product. Each mention is followed by a code word indicating that, at press time, Antic had seen a FINAL marketable version, near-final BETA, earlier ALPHA, incomplete DEMO, or PRESS release.