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Antic Vol. 6 No. 4 - August 1987 - Atari Muscle

  • Alphabet Fish An educational game in GFA and ST BASIC by Deborah Lundgren
  • Starting Out Atari Animation--Lesson 3 Animation Editor and LinkBAS--two important graphics tools by Robin Alan Sherer
  • Disk Bonus Antic dataBASE Super Disk Bonus File-Manager
  • Communications Computalk: Texas-sized BBS 20Mb hard disk networking six Atari 800s by Gregg Pearlman
  • Rebound Contest Winner New Flip Ogart adventures on disk, Gwen Lenker by Nat Friedland
  • Game of the Month Diamond Dave Robot miners vs. radioactive mutant prairie dogs by Stephen Stout
  • Haiku Poet The swiftly computing Atari dreams nameless beyond your dragonfly by Albert Baggetta
  • I/O Board
  • Polymove Tweening--computer animation's new tool by Robert Geddings
  • Prestidigitization Video Digitizer Review: Color Computereyes, Print-Technik Realtizer and Navarone
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Age of Adventure, Ogre, Branches, Twigs, Family History, USAAF by Gregg Pearlman, John Stanoch, William Benbow, Rich Moore
  • ST New Products Micro Cookbook, Graphic Artist, Famous Courses Disk: Volume II, Chessmaster 2000, GFA Draft, TRIMbase, Journey to the Lair, R.A.I.D. by Gregg Pearlman
  • ST Reviews Pirates of the Barbary Coast, Mouse Ball, Atari ST Tricks and Tips, Boffin, Trivia Challenge by Sol Guber, Frank Hayes, David Plotkin
  • Tapeless Spreadsheet Printer Sideways printouts made easy by Robert Grunbox
  • Tech Tips by Bill Marquardt
  • Education Temperature Converter Finding familiar Fahrenheit from cryptic Celsius and Kelvin by David Zubak
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