Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1987

Disk Bonus

Antic dataBASE

Super Disk Bonus File-Manager

This month's Xtended Disk Bonus is Antic dataBASE, an easy-to-use file manager with all operations controlled by your menu selections. Antic dataBASE makes it simple to create your own mailing lists, phone directories, household inventories, catalogs of your music, videotapes, software, books or magazines—any kind of interactive data file.

Antic dataBASE requires an Atari 8-bit computer with at least 48K and a disk drive. Written by Antic Contributing Editor Carl Evans, this is the same handy file manager that used to be given away with Indus GT disk drives.

Antic dataBASE saves your updated information on disk and presents it back to you either on your computer screen or in hardcopy from your printer. You can keep a mailing list on disk and quickly access any individual's address or phone number. You can even have your Atari select all names and addresses with a specific ZIP code or telephone area code.


The Antic dataBASE program, ANTICDB.EXE, is on Side B of the August 1987 Antic Monthly Disk. Before you use Antic dataBASE, the ANTICDB.EXE file should be copied to a fresh disk that has been formatted with DOS 2 or 2.5. (Be sure to WRITE DOS FILES to this disk.)

Put your Antic dataBASE disk into your drive and rename ANTICDB.EXE as AUTORUN.SYS. To start the program, turn off your Atari and place your ANTIC dataBASE disk into drive 1. Remove all cartridges. (If you have an XL or an XE, hold down the [OPTION] key.) Turn on your Atari and Antic dataBASE will start automatically. When you see the title screen, press any key to get the main menu.

The Antic dataBASE Manual is also on Side B of the August 1987 monthly disk. To read it or obtain a printout, select choice 5, HELP.BAS, from the Side B Menu.

For same-day shipment of the August Antic Disk featuring Antic dataBASE, phone (415) 957-0886 and ask for the Disk Desk. Only $5.95 on your Visa or Mastercard.

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