Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 5, NO. 9 / JANUARY 1987



Although ST Castle (October, 1986) works correctly, the display incorrectly left out border lines on the menu boxes. Type in the following line to complete the display:

1645 linef X2,Y2,X1,Y2:linef X1,Y2,1,Y1


The Digital Gardener (May, 1986) program RUNs as published. However, several readers have had trouble using the program to design very large gardens. Garden designs with more than 15 different types of vegetables) will generate an ERROR 9 AT 2990 message.

To adjust the program so it will accept larger values, change ROWS(15) and ROWZ(15) in line 1020 to ROWS(30) and ROWZ(30).

However, screen plots of such immense gardens will not have enough room to display all the vegetable labels and will therefore be somewhat inaccurate. Antic suggests that you divide large garden designs into sections with fewer than 15 different types of vegetables, and process each section separately.

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