Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 5, NO. 9 / JANUARY 1987

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Atari Fairs '87

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Atari FairAudiences were large and enthusiastic at the pioneering Atari Fairs held during 1986. And in the coming year, Atarians all over the country will get a chance to see the latest in Atari products and meet leading Atari professionals at fairs in their areas.

The Atari Fairs are a new grassroots phenomenon in which the Atari Corporation works closely with local Atari users groups to organize and promote the shows. Featured in seminars and panel discussions at the the fairs are top Atari spokespersons as well as representatives of major third-party companies.

The very first Atari Fair was held in Los Angeles at the Glendale Civic Auditorium, August 16-17, 1986. The follow-up was at the San Jose Convention Center September 20-21. Antic had a busy booth at both of these shows, which were highly successful and drew audiences of close to 5,000 apiece. Atari co-hosted the shows with committees representing the users groups of Southern and Northern California.

Closing out the 1986 Atari Fair season was an October 11-12 show at the Portland, Oregon, Coliseum hosted by PACS, the Portland Atari Computer Society and the November 22-23 PACE (Pittsburgh Atari Computer Enthusiasts) show at the Lawrence Convention Center. This Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania show was the first Atari Fair in the eastern U.S.


After a holiday break, there will be at least one Atari Fair every month in 1987, starting in Colorado on February 21-22 at the Denver Regency Hotel. Abe's ACEs will host an Atari Fair at the Allentown, Pennsylvania Holiday Inn, March 13-15.

April sees Atari Fairs in Buffalo and Salt Lake City on successive weekends. The Western New York Atari Users Group will host a Buffalo fair from April 4-6 and Salt Lake City ACE will do the honors in Utah, April 10-11.

DAL-ACE hosts an Atari Fair at Dallas Infomart May 8-10. And Seattle's five local user groups welcome Atarians to Washington state on the following weekend, May 15-17 at Seattle Center Flag Pavilion.

August 29-30 takes Atari to Detroit, where MACE, the Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts, will host a fair at Southfield Civic Center.


New York City, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis and metropolitan New Jersey will also be sites of major regional Atari Fairs during 1987. Specific dates and locations were not yet finalized as we went to press.

The local sponsoring groups are: New York City, AGONY, Fordham University Atari User Group; St. Louis ACE; Boston Computer Society's Atari User Group; several Chicago-area groups including SCAT and LCACE and the. Jersey Atari Computer Society, Clementon, New Jersey

To further spotlight the contributions of Atari users groups, Antic will publish a profile of our "Users Group of the Month" in each issue starting with February.