Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 5, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1986

Antic Online


Now easier to use

Type GO ANTIC when you log onto CompuServe in July. During the next few weeks, you'll see a number of significant changes in ANTIC ONLINE. We're making Antic's entire online editon easier to use, removing outdated material and streamlining the menu structure.

When the job is finished, you should be able to locate new articles more quickly than ever. But you'll still be able to refer to previous reviews and product information, which will be moved to an archive section.

The new ANTIC ONLINE will continue to provide the latest news about the Atari community, as well as providing in-depth technical information such as Tom Oren's Professional GEM ST developer's column. There's still plenty of room for suggestions and we welcome reading your ideas on the ANTIC ONLINE I/O Board.

If you're not a CompuServe subscriber yet, see your local computer dealer or phone (800) 848-8199 for information about signing up. Ohio residents phone (614) 457-0802. There is no extra charge for accessing ANTIC ONLINE.