Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 5, NO. 2 / JUNE 1986

new products

New Products notices are compiled by the Antic staff from information provided by the products' manufacturers. Antic welcomes such submissions, but assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these notices or the performance of the products listed.

(entertainment software)
Polarware/Penguin Software
P0. Box 311
Geneva, IL 60134
(312) 232-1984
$34.95, 48K disk

The Comprehend Interactive Novel Series-already a hit on the Apple, Atari 520ST and other computers- now comes to the 8-bit Ataris. Other titles in this graphic adventure game series include The Quest, Coveted Mirror, Oo-Topos, and Frank & Ernest's Adventure.

(utility software)
Soft Cellar
P.O. Box 16393
Rochester, NY 14616
$19.99, 32K disk

It's a lot easier to create windows in your programs with this 100% machine language utility that works with BASIC or CIO calls. Screens supports as many as nine independent windows with positioned text and display effects

(office software)
Reeves Software
29W150 Old Farm Lane
Warrenville, IL 60595
(312) 393-2317
$49.99, 48K disk

A complete business program for the Atari computer. Includes everything from invoicing to shipping to tax totals.

(word processor)
Batteries Included
30 Mural Street
Richmond Hills, Ontario
14B 15B Canada
(416) 881-9941
$59.95, 128K disk

A new version of the popular PaperClip word processor, featuring the SpellPack 30,000-word spelling checker, has been released for the Atari 130XE. The spelling checker is resident in RAM for speedy access.

Music Painter
1196 Borregas Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 745-2000
48K disk

Silent Butler ($24.95) is a complete personal finance program that features check printing. Music Painter ($19.95) is a real-time musical composition program that paints notes on the screen in color

(utility software)
Advan Language Designs
P.O. Box 159
Baldwin, Kansas 66006
(913) 594-3420
48K disk

Advan has two new enhancement utilities for their BASIC Compiler which was reviewed in the April, 1986 Antic. Utility Programs ($29.95) includes the much-needed runtime module. It also has variable cross referencing and renumbering, as welt as new BASIC keywords to call DOS functions, convert numbers from one base to another, and perform matrix mathematics.

Screen Design ($29.95) helps create complex graphic screens. It does custom display lists, using all 16 text and graphics modes, horizontal and vertical smooth scrolling, and custom character sets. It includes PLOT and LOCATE commands which also work on mixed mode screens. The package includes a sophisticated drawing program and a character set editor. Screens created here can be used in Advan BASIC programs with the LSCREEN command.

The latest version of the highly rated Advan BASIC Compiler ($49.95) now includes a conversion utility to translate "many, but by no means all" Atari BASIC programs into Advan BASIC. It also has new commands to set the system default to real (floating point) or integer numbers and is now recommended for 48K Atari 400/800 as well as the XL/XE.

600XL 64K KIT
(memory upgrade)
Computer Service Land
1073 W. Broad Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
(703) 237-2930
$30 ($45 installed)

Give your Atari 600XL a full 64K memory like the 800XL. The modification kit comes with step by step instructions. Acquires a small amount of soldering and can be installed in less than an hour,

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