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Antic Vol. 5 No. 2 - June 1986 - Summer Computing

  • Antic Online
  • Basic Biorhythmics First ST BASIC application by Steve Whitney
  • Game of the Month Bomb Squad An explosive adventure by Paul Tupaczewski
  • Decide Business decision analysis techniques by Jeffrey Summers
  • Education Atari Learning Center Learning with 'the best educational machine' by Gigi Bisson
  • 68000 Exceptions, Interrupts Part II: into the ST by David Small, Sandy Small
  • File I/O Intro Manipulate any ST disk file by Patrick Bass
  • DB Master One, 1st-Word Review First-rate Atari freeware by Christopher Chabris
  • I/O Board
  • Math Art Elegant designs from simple equations by Marian Lorenz, Allan Moose
  • Micro Julius 1900-2100 perpetual calendar by Charles Postle
  • Starting Out New Owners Column Lesson 4: nested loops by David Plotkin
  • New Products Crimson Crown, Transylvania, Screens, Business Manager, Paperclip With Spellpack, Silent Butler, Music Painter, Advan Basic Updates, 600XL 64K Kit
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews MIDI Music System, NAM, SoundMouse, Gradescan, Spellbreaker, Battalion Commander, Spy vs. Spy II by Gary Yost, Rich Moore, Charles Cherry, Stephen Roquemore, Harvey Bernstein, John Stanoch, Brad Kershaw
  • Recipe Converter Calculate those ingredient changes by James Brown
  • ST Product News Homes & Duckworth Forth, Brataccas, Borrowed Time, HippoVission, H&D Base, The ManagerThe Elementary Atari ST, Modula-2 Programming, Abacus ST Books, The C Primer, Atari ST User's Guide, Mindshadow, Mouse Pad, Micro RTX, EasyDraw, Bitmap Coloring book, Philon Fast/BASIC-M, Let's Write, Let's C, csd, 65c02 Cross Assembler by Mike Fleischmann, Sol Guber
  • Summer, Atari Style Camps, classes, travel and more by Gigi Bisson
  • Weather Wizard Computerized weather forecasts by Richard Staerzl, Charles Jackson
  • Zoomracks Review Database with 'time card' metaphor by John Kosiorek
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