Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 2 / JUNE 1985



"Kwik Dump" (Antic, March 1985) contains an error in line 1070. The last number in that line should be 27 instead of a zero.


Readers are having problems typing in "Thief", the March 1985 Game of the Month. The game does run as published, but if your TYPO II code for line 1105 is UK, make sure that the inverse [p] in that line is lower-case.


Bill Morris's "Wide Text" (Antic, January 1985) cannot print a double-width [Z]. Substitute these lines to correct this problem:

   In the assembler listing:
0600     CPY #27*8     ;8 BYTES TO A LETTER

   In the BASIC listing:
CT 20130 DATA 216,208,213,185,0,224


The assembly language listing of "S.A.M. Handler" (Antic, February 1985) contains an error in line 900. LDY $01 should read: LDY #01. The BASIC listing is correct, however, and runs as published.


Ever since our improved TYPO II program typing proofreader began appearing in January, Antic has been getting letters that ask for TYPO II codes to the most popular and difficult pre-1985 programs. These will be in the issue Next Month!
   You'll find the TYPO II line codes for the four most-requested listings-"Biffdrop," "Escape From Epsilon," "Advent X-5" and "Adventure Island." And we'll print codes for more Antic golden oldies if we get enough requests.


I typed in a program from the July 1984 issue and it still doesn't run. I checked my listing 100 times and I have not found a typing error. I also checked the following issues for an error report but didn't find one.
H. Reynaldos
Miami, FL
This is typical of many letters we receive from frustrated readers who type in a program only to find it does not run. They may check it many times and when it still won't work, they naturally suspect a publishing error
   Antic does make mistakes, as you can see from the magazine's Help! items and the monthly Error File. But the great majority of program problems come from readers mistyping the listing or misunderstanding the instructions.
   If you are having problems with a program that was published more than three months ago, and you don't see a correction printed in either Help! or Error File, you can bet the error is on your end.
   That's because most major program problems are discovered within two weeks of publication! But due to the long turnaround time for four-color national magazines, the soonest you can expect that error to appear in Help! is two issues later. For example, a February error should show up in April's Help!
   Program errors which appear in Help! are transferred the following month to the Error File where they remain for approximately six months. A complete index of all Antic errors can be found on our ANTIC ONLINE service on CompuServe.
   We test all programs on Atari 800s, 1200XLs, 600XLs and 800XLs using both cartridge and built-in BASIC. We use Atari 810, l050 and Indus GT drives with Atari DOS 2.0S, single density.
   Some of our listings are more difficult to type in than others. If you are just starting we strongly suggest that you first try the shorter listings and avoid the frustration of typing in very long listings with Atari special characters.
   When using TYPO II, be careful that you have typed in every line. It's not so hard to miss one entire line and TYPO II won't spot it. If you 're sure all the lines are there and the program still won't run, recheck each TYPO II line code -ANTIC ED