Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 12 / APRIL 1986



I cannot find a single original Atari joystick anywhere. Can anyone help me?
Harry T Edwards
PPN 72337,400

See "De Re Joystick" article in next month's Antic. -ANTIC ED.


Sig * Atari Sysop Ron Luks tells us that the Atari XM301 modem review (Antic, March 1986) was incorrect in stating that the modem's XE-Term software downloads CompuServe BIN extender files by working with the "A" file transfer protocol. Instead, XE-Term users should select CompuServe's own version of XMODEM for BIN file downloading.


There are two errors in the EPROG instructions (December 1985). Pin 9 of IC 9 is not labeled on the schematic. Pin 9 is connected to Pin 10 of the same chip. R3 in the parts list for the power supply should read 10K. The part number is correct.
   Reader Elmo Ferguson suggested this EPROG modification for those who wish to burn a 27128. (See Figure 1.) This will allow you to burn the 16K EPROM by switching the 27128 in two 8K banks. You burn the lower 8K as if it was a 2764 and then switch and burn the upper 8K. This is accomplished by switching address line 13 (pin 26) to low (ground) or high (+ 5V) on the 27128.