Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 9 / JANUARY 1985


Outer space is the theme for two of this month's Antic microscreens.  G. Manson of Sparks, Nevada presents a mysterious astronaut in "NASA".

San Franciscan Michael Green's ethereal "Moonview" was created using "Fun With Art" software.

We're not sure if our third microscreen, "Buddah" is supposed to be a scene from another planet or another dimension.  Steve Dong, a medical school senior at the University of Texas, San Antonio, used up "valuable sleep time" to draw this with his Atari Touch Tablet.

If we publish your Atari computer art on our micrscreens page, you get an Antic T-shirt.  Send your pictures to Antic on disk or cassette with stamped self-addressed return envelope.  Write loading instructions on a short note telling about yourself and which graphics tools you use...also include two choices of T-shirt size and color.