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Antic Vol. 3 No. 9 - January 1985 - Super Utilities

  • Editorial Color the Cover contest
  • Communications Starting A Bulletin Board, Part 2 by Suzi Subeck
  • DiskIO Supercharger For Atari DOS by Bernard Oppenhiem
  • Escape From DOS 3 Back To Good Old DOS 2.Os by Charles Jackson
  • Help!
  • I/O Board
  • Microscreens Michael Green, Steve Doug, G. Manson
  • New Atari Flights Flight Simulator II, Space Shuttle, F-15 Strike Eagle by Charles Jackson
  • Antic Bookshelf Bonanza Of New Books For Atari Owners
  • New Products Inside The Personal Computer, TAC-3 Joystick, Quest Of The Space Beagle, Popcom X100, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, Investor's Express, At605 Audio Insulators
  • Assembly Language Op-Code Finder by Donny Cherf
  • Toolbox Parallel Bus Revealed Transfer 100,000 Bytes Per Second by Earl Rice
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Rome And The Barbarians, Napoleon At Waterloo, Epidemic, Star Wars, Bruce Lee, Quest Of The Space Beagle, Realm Of Impossibility, Rails West, Adventures With The Atari, X-Basic, Scroll-It, Montana Reading Program, Assembly Language Programming For Atari, Chaos by Michael Ciraolo, Jordan Powell, George Adamson, Harris Shiffman, Christine Lunardini, Jerry White, Larry Dziegielewski, Rhonda Holmes, Christopher Chabris
  • Profiles Dan Bunten Seven Cities Of Gold Designer by Arthur Leyenberger
  • Game of the Month Q.T. by Brian McWilliams
  • Bonus Game Scramble by F. Neil Simms
  • Toolbox Basic Searcher by Scott Sheck
  • Touch Tablet Cursor Koala Is Mightier Than A Mouse by Karl Wiegers
  • Introducing Typo II Easier Proofreading For Antic Type-Ins by Andy Powell, Bill Wilkinson
  • Widetext Bold Letters Beef Up Graphics 0 by Bill Morris
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