Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 9 / JANUARY 1985

Introducing TYPO II

Easier proofreading for Antic type-ins

TYPO (Type Your Program once) by Bill Wilkinson of Optimized Systems Software started in the third issue of Antic-August, 1982.  It was the first automatic proofreading program for type-in listings ever printed in a computer magazine.  We reprinted TYPO several times and have been been using it with all our listings ever since-but now TYPO is going into a well-deserved retirement.

The main trouble with the original TYPO is that it didn't show exactly what line contained a typing mistake.  This made it too hard for beginners to use comfortably.
   But TYPO II pinpoints every mistyped line-immediately after you type it.  It can also find transposed characters which were invisible to its predecessor.
   Typo II even lets you use abbreviated commmands.  But don't mix up PRINT with [?].
   Antic tapped Andy Barton ("Info Bits," Dec., 1984) to write TYPO II.  Andy cheerfully put the program through an extensive debugging process to make it compatible with all Atari computer models, Then when we believed the program was perfected, we asked Bill Wilkinson to look at it.  And Bill contributed some ideas that enabled Andy to make TYPO II even shorter and simpler.

TYPO II finds the exact lines where you make mistakes while typing in Antic BASIC listings.  This short all-BASIC proofreading program starts in the January 1985 issue, it works with all Atari computers of any memory size.
   Type in TYPO II and SAVE a backup copy to disk or cassette. (Users of the O.S.S. Basic XL cartridge must type SET 5,0 and SET 12,0 before they RUN the program.) To start TYPO II, type GOTO 32,000.  The TYPO II screen should appear, displaying the instruction, "Type in a program line."
   Respond by typing in the first line of any 1985 Antic BASIC program.  You will see the line reappear near the bottom of the screen- with a two-letter code at the left of the line number.  Check these code letters against the correct two-letter code printed left of the same line in the magazine listing.
   If the codes don't match exactly, you mistyped something in that program line.  Simply press [RETURN] and the line will move back towards the top of the screen for editing.  Don't type in those two-letter correction codes as part of the program line.
   When the codes are an exact match, just type the next program line.
   IMPORTANT: To call up ANY previously typed line for checking with TYPO II, type an asterix [*] followed (with no spaces in-between) by the number of the first program line you want to proofread.  Then press [RETURN].  Use this procedure to check every line of TYPO II before you proofread other Antic programs with it.
   You can LIST your program by pressing [BREAK] and typing LIST.  Switch back into TYPO II anytime by typing GOTO 32000.
   To remove TYPO II from your program: Type LIST "D:FILENAME",O,31999 (Cassette owners LIST"C:",0,31999).  Type NEW, then ENTER"D:FILENAME" (ENTER "C:" for cassettes).  Your program is now in memory without TYPO II and can be SAVED or LISTed to disk or cassette.
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