Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 9 / JANUARY 1985


Win a $499. Disk Drive

As you probably noticed, this month's cover is missing something ...color.  We decided to leave the coloring to you, for once.
   This is your invitation to enter Antic's Color The Cover Contest and possibly win an Indus GT disk drive list-priced at $499.99.  Send in a disk or cassette of your color rendition of the January Antic cover.
   We're keeping the rules simple: You must use your Atari to reproduce the form and spirit of the cover drawing.  Any Atari-compatible graphics hardware and software is eligible.  You can reposition Super Utility Man to fit better across your video screen.  And you can leave out all the cover text if you wish.
   Of course, we recognize that it's hard to match the detailed quality of the cover's line art with your Atari.  In fact, our publisher was the only one at Antic who thought it could be done.
   So we are challenging you to use your creativity and come as close to reproducing the artwork as computer graphics technology allows.
   You may work alone or collaborate with friends and family.  Enter as many colorings as you want.  But all entries must be received at Antic by February 1, 1985.
   Be sure to send loading instructions along with your disk or cassette-plus a short note telling about yourself and your computer graphics tools.
   The winning and runner-up microscreens will appear in the June, 1985 Antic.  First prize is an Indus GT disk drive.  Second and third prize are Antic T-shirts.  All entries become the property of Antic Publishing, Inc. and will not be returned.  Contest is void where prohibited.

Mail your entries to:
Color The Cover
Antic Magazine
524 Second St.
San Francisco, CA 94107.