Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 7 / NOVEMBER 1984



If you typed in "Recall" (Antic, August 1984, page 12), you're probably having trouble getting it to work.  In order for the program to work correctly, the variable QQ$ in line 10000 must be the first variable entered in the program.  Here's how to get the working version:
1. ENTER or LOAD the version of RECALL that you've typed in.
2. LIST "D:RECALL.LST" (Cassette users LIST "C: " onto another cassette). if you already have a LISTed version, you may omit this step.
3. Type NEW [RETURN].
4. Type DIM QQ$(1) [RETURN].
5. ENTER "D:RECALL.LST" (Cassette users rewind the cassette from step 2 and ENTER "C: ").
6. The program now in your computer should work correctly.  SAVE (don't LIST) a version for permanent storage.
   If you haven't already typed the program in, simply type DIM QQ$(1) [RETURN]first, then enter the program.


There was a typographic error in the September 1984 Communications Department article. The phone number for Cassie Stahl's bulletin board should be (408) 289-9151.


Mr. Ramos's "Creepy Caverns" (Antic, August 1984) is a very imaginative game and he should be congratulated.  I did run into two errors in the listing which caused the program to stop:
1. I often got an Error 3 at LINE 4105 when shooting arrows.  I checked the values and found that T had a value of 2.  Since LINE 10 set the maximum values of the two-dimensional array M0(1,5) and T is higher than 1, that caused the error.  I changed the DIM value of M0 in LINE 10 to read M0(P,5).
2. Receiving an Error 9 at LINE 349 caused me to check LINE 349, where I found a zero instead of the letter O. The error no longer occurs when the line is changed from PEEK(1607+Y0) to PEEK 1607+YO).
Frank Walters
Panama City, FL


There's an error in one of the listings for "Shortcuts to Success" (Antic, June 1984). In Listing 2 on page 89, line 490 should read: