Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1984



A memory game that's hard to forget


This colorful game tests your ability to remember a sequence of colors and is suitable for all ages.  The program requires Atari BASIC and a minimum of 16 K RAM.  RECALL runs on all Atari computers.

Want to improve your memory?  Type this program in, plug in your joystick, turn up the sound and prepare to be challenged.
   In the game RECALL, four colored arrows flash and beep.  Your object is to duplicate the sequence.  If you get it right, the computer adds an additional step to the same sequence.  If you forget the order of the flashes, it's back to the beginning.  You can control the duration and number of each flashing sequence.
   When the program starts, you'll see "2 ROUNDS" on the screen.  Here you select the length of the final sequence of lights and sounds.  Push the joystick up for more rounds, and down for fewer.  If you push down when "2 ROUNDS" appears, the count wraps around to the maximum possible total of 99.  Push the fire button to select the number of rounds you wish to play.  Next, select the speed at which the arrows flash.  Push the stick up or down to move the indicator.  Press the joystick button to indicate your choice.
   The game starts.  Four large, colored arrows in a circle blink in a random sequence.  These sequences are different for each game.  Using your joystick, try to copy the order in which the arrows flash.  Suppose you choose "2 ROUNDS." The top arrow blinks and a tone sounds; you push the joystick upward and press the button.  Then the program repeats the blinking top arrow and adds an additional blinking arrow to the sequence.  In response, you move the joystick up and then down.  That's 2 rounds.
   The tone that accompanies each movement helps you remember the sequence; to make things more difficult, try playing with no sound!
   Adults and children can play and enjoy this simple, yet challenging memory-testing game.  It's easy to get the hang of it, and, once you start, it's hard to stop!  Try it-but remember to save the RECALL listing to disk or cassette before running the program.

Listing: RECALL.BAS Download