Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 5 / SEPTEMBER 1984


Here's an extra-big bonus MICROSCREEN section for Antic's 1984 Graphic issue.  We're happy for the opportunity to print more than our usual amount of the outstanding pictures we get from our readers.

  George R. Bradford (Cheetah, Stagecoach) is a Canadian commercial artist.  He places a transparent overlay on his video screen and then makes computer images using either Micro-Painter or Keystroke Artist, a joystick graphics program which appeared in Antic August 1983.  Mr. Bradford is 51 and says he "just hates to let the young folks have all the fun."

  Dorit Tabak of Manhattan (Atarian) is an art student who has owned her Atari 800 for only six months.  She made this Picasso-like portrait using a KolaPad with Micro Illustrator and "a little help from Graphic Master."

  Jeff McFall (Voyage) lives in Columbus, Indiana and created this South Seas nightscape with Micro Illustrator on KolaPad.

Red BalloonsBubbles
  Armand Deveno (Red Balloons, Bubbles) creates his precise and colorful illustrations with KolaPad and Micro Illustrator.  He lives in Springfield, Mass.

You can create an outstanding picture on your Atari even if you've never been able to draw a straight line before.  With the latest under-$100 touch tablets, light pens and drawing software anybody can now express their artistic visions via computer.  You'll also receive fine results using the graphics programs published in Antic, such as Keystroke Artist (August, 1983) and this current issue's Price's color Picture Painter and Easy Graphics Converter.
   You get an Antic T-shirt if we publish your computer art on the Microscreens page.  Send pictures to Antic on disk, along with loading instructions plus a short note telling about yourself and which graphics tools you use...also include your two choices of T-shirt size and color.