Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 3 / JULY 1984



There are several errors in the list of resistors on page 68 of "Little Brother Grows Up" (Antic, April 1984), which describes how to add monitor and audio output to an Atari 4OO. However, the labels for the resistors in Figure 2, the schematic on page 106 are correct as published.


There is an inconsistency between the program "The Gantlet" (Antic, February 1984) and the "Solutions" given on page 73. The description of Room Nine says that you'll find two white squares upon entry, but you actuaIly find 12 squares. The program is correct; the description is in error.


The program listing for Math Wizard" (Antic, April 1984) contains an erroe. In line 50, the 17th character in the string should be an inverse-video zero, rather than an inverse capital letter O. This error alters the listing's Typo Table- the code letters at line range 510-600 will be AJ rather than XW.


There is an error in the listing for "Match- box Tic-Tac-Toe" (Antic, April 1984). If you load a file that contains patterns for the game and then attempt to save it, you get ERROR 129(channel already open). To correct the problem, change line 2078 as follows:


Jeff Latkowski
Glendale Heights, IL


There is an error in the listing for Jerry White's "Update Disks with NOTE and POINT" (Antic, April 1984). Line 160 should read:

160 GOTO 610


Eric Verheiden's stock portfolio spreedsheet (Antic, "Follow That Stock" February, 1984) worked OK, but was downright obnoxious in its lack of user-friendliness. It had no initial message such as "Please wait...," no title screen, poor error trapping, and a display bug, among other problems. I've eliminated these deficiencies in my version, but suggest that in the future, Antic carefully review programs for such problems.

D. D. Davids II
Honolulu, HI
I originally wrote "Follow That Stock" for my father, a computer novice, and it went through several revisions before he was satisfied with it. People's taste regarding display formats inevitably varies; in this case, my primary consideration was producing readable output on the printer. The display bug can be fixed by changing line 1460 to 1465 and adding a new line 1460:

1460 IF VAL(S$)<.01 THEN S$="0.00"

As for error trapping, you can recover from most errors by typing GOTO 300.

--Eric Verheiden

We always carefully review programs. In this case we felt the unusual application warranted inclusion in Antic. We are continually on the lookout for new and unusual applications. Astrology,cryptoanalysis, genealogy and simulation studies just to name a few.

The programs that appear in our pages should be seen as works in progress. We encourage you to improve, correct and personalize them all. --ANTIC ED

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