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Antic Vol. 3 No. 3 - July 1984 - New-Age Communications

  • Everybody Needs AMODEM Type-in this terminal program by Jim Steinbrecher
  • Assembly Language Cassette Lookalike - Your Disk Drive by Eric Verheiden
  • Call Me Modem New age communications by Suzi Subeck
  • Electronic Notebook An Atari, a cable and a lap-size computer by Robert Siegle, Bob Kahn
  • Help!
  • Inside Atari Building Bodies with Computers by David Barry
  • Action! Interrupt with Action! by David Plotkin
  • I/O Board
  • Languages Learning to C by Thomas McNamee
  • Microscreens Dean Derhak
  • New Products Flipsketch, R-Yerter, Home Applications and Games For The Atari Home, MenuWriter, Spare Change, MPP-1150 Printer Interface, Super-Text, Agent USA, McPen, Space Cowboy, Bar Mitzvah-Compu-Tutor, Digi-Voice, Decisions
  • Antic Pix Online Services The best online databases for your Atari by Robert DeWitt
  • Plato Rising Online Learning for Atarians by David Small, Sandy Small
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Mickey in the Great Outdoors, MPP-1000C modem, RM1000 Radio Modem, Volksmodem, INTER-LISP/65, Lode Runner, Ken Uston's Professional Blackjack, Trains, Ultima 1 by Rhonda Holmes, John Weber, Dick Slavens, Matthew Ratcliff, Jim Dearner, Bryan Welch, Harvey Bernstein, George Adamson
  • Run, Robot, Run, part IV More on Atari robotics by Evan Rosen
  • The Secrets of BASIC Animation, part II Enhance your games in BASIC by Fred Pinho
  • Game of the Month Starsector Defense by John Wilson
  • Talk to the Stars The world of short-wave radio and computer communications by Jack McKirgan
  • Toolbox Spaced Out Numbers by Jerry White, Fernando Herrera
  • A Virtual Miracle An advance look at a 4th generation modem by Bill Lee
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