Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 2 / JUNE 1984



Readers of Antic often use TYPO (a debugging program last published in the February 1984 issue) when typing in programs from the magazine. TYPO requires that you LIST a version of the program to disk or cassette, type NEW, and then ENTER the program to clean up the variable name table.

Early versions of the Atari 60OXL and 80OXL contain Revision B of Atari BASIC ROM, which has a small bug. Newer machines should contain Revision C, which is bug-free.

This bug can cause problems when you use TYPO, because certain LISTed files cause the computer to lock up when you attempt to ENTER them. Therefore, you should always SAVE a file before you LIST it to the storage medium.

If you encounter lock-up when you try to ENTER a file, LOAD the SAVED version and change one byte near the beginning of the file. For instance, if there's a REM line near the beginning of the file, add or delete a character. If there's not a REM line near the beginning, add a REM to the end of the first line. If you then LIST this file to a disk or cassette, you should be able to ENTER it with no problem.

If you have only the LISTed version of the program, you can ENTER it only by plugging a BASIC cartridge into your computer. The Translator program will not work in this case.

See "Exploring the XL' in this issue for further information on the three versions of Atari BASIC.


When using "GTIA Sketchpad" (ANTIC, December 1983), 1 found that you can only fill an enclosed area with the border color. For example, if you draw a box with Color 4, you can only fill it with the same color. If you try to use a different color for fill, the fill goes beyond the borders. Here's my fix for this problem. Change:


in lines 250, 270, 300, and 340, to:

IF (COLR>O) = (C>O)

This change allows you to fill an enclosed area with any color. You can also fill with background color to erase objects.

Scott Sheck
Gaithersburg, MD


In the October 1983 issue of Antic, we published a letter and a short program listing entitled "Reset to Rerun" in I/O Board. When combined with another program, this routine causes the program to RUN again automatically if [RESET] is pressed during the program run. The routine does not work correctly on a cassette-only system unless you POKE 9,1. Add the POKE statement to the end of line 0.


While I do not regret upgrading my 400 to 48K (something I had long intended, but always postponed), it was my desire to utilize Epyx's "Fun With Art" that prompted the move. When I first spotted "Fun With Art," it required 32K. So I had the upgrade installed, and then purchased the cartridge. I have enjoyed using it ever since.

My reason for writing is your February 1984 review of "Fun With Art," which listed it as requiring only 16K! Do two versions exist?

John Donahue
N. Miami, FL

No. There is no 16K version of "Fun With Art." Our review included an incorrect figure; it should have listed the RAM requirement as 32K. -ANTIC ED


In "ANTIC Pix Gifts" (ANTIC, page 118, November 1983), we stated that the $89-95 price of Hytec Systems' CS 1632 cabinet included the shipping fee. This is incorrect. Shipping charges are extra, and depend on the destination involved.


I'd like to point out a problem in your magazine listing of PM Mover. The zeroes are shown as the letter "O" (inverse 0).

William P Schneider
Kenner, LA

We've checked the program listing that accompanied "Automate Your PlayerlMissiles" (Antic, p. 66, December 1983) and indeed- Line 1250 contains two inverse O's that should be inverse zeroes, and line 1265 contains one inverse O that should be an inverse zero. All other inverse O's are correct.

Since this is part of a machine-language string the program will not operate properly until fixed.-ANTIC ED


I found a flaw in "Escape Maze" (Antic, p. 86, March 1984). If you run into the wall on Maze 1 four times, the game starts over (line 1080). After that, no matter how many times you run into the wall, all that happens is that you're sent back to start; the variable HIT doesn't change back to 0. But if you add the following line:

75 HIT= 0

it will work every time.

I'm glad that you include the Kbyte requirement for each game, and I compliment you on a great magazine.

John Marchant
Racine, WI


In our recent review of Gamestar Software's Star League Baseball (Antic, p. 100, March 1984), we erroneously reported that the program required 48K. It actually requires only 32K. We apologize for this error.