Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 8 / NOVEMBER 1983



by GREG BURDETT - Age 14

TAG is a simple reaction game for two players. It begins with two different-colored dots on the screen - Player 1 is the dot on the left; Player 2 is the dot on the right. At the start of the game, Player 1 is "lt."

His goal is to catch up with and meet the front end of the line created by Player 2's moving dot. The movement of the dots is controlled by two separate joysticks, which send the dots scurrying across the screen in multi-colored patterns. If Player 2 succeeds in catching his adversary, Player 2 becomes "It" and the cycle is repeated. The player who catches his opponent in the least amount of time is the winner.

Because the patterns created by the fast-moving dots become distracting after a while, the program automatically clears the screen of their crisscrossing paths every sixty seconds; however, the two dots remain in place throughout this procedure.

TAG is written in BASIC, and is fun to play, although it is a very short game. Greg began programming his ATARI 800 after participating in a computer camp at Brigham Young University two years ago. He is also familiar with assembly language and Player/Missile graphics. Greg lives in Ogden, Utah.

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