Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 8 / NOVEMBER 1983




Requires 16K RAM with cassette or 24K RAM with disk

Air Raid 2000 is a fast-paced challenge for arcade game players. You pilot a plane that flies over scrolling terrain when enemy batteries are firing at you. You can bomb the enemy by pushing the fire button - as long as you fly above a minimum height indicated alongside the screen. Your real purpose in doing this is to rescue the four humans on the ground by dipping low enough to touch them with the plane.

When you have collected all four humans, prepare a place to land by bombing, and land your plane before your fuel runs out. This advances you to the next level.

After you type in the game, be sure to SAVE it before you RUN it. The screen will go blank for about 15 seconds for program initialization. Then you will see the final screen that says "Game Over." To play, press the fire button on the joystick in Port 1. You start with one plane and have two in reserve. The ship is constantly in motion. You control its direction and vertical position with your joystick. You can control where bombs land after they are dropped by maneuvering horizontally. The marks at each side of the screen show the minimum height from which your ship can drop bombs. This height is raised with every wave.

When the ship's fuel reaches zero, the ship automatically initiates a landing in the direction it was travelling. You must clear a landing space or the ship will crash. Every second wave is a night wave. During these waves, the ground can only be viewed when under the two spotlights.

Note to 1200XL owners: When Air Raid 2000 is run on an ATARI 1200XL, the screen display of the horizontal terrain is intermittently distorted. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Erik Wolpaw is a is junior year at Cleveland Heights High School. Although he has been interested in game programming for about two years, this is his first published game.

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