Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 6 / SEPTEMBER 1983


by Mike Sullivan

Screen Shot Mike Sullivan had a special reason for laboring so hard on these examples of computer art--he works for the company that makes the program he used to create them. International Software Marketing, of Syracuse, New York, has developed a 16K ROM cartridge called Color Magic, written by Ron Roberts. A version of the program has been sold to Epyx Software, and is being marketed as Fun With Art. 
Knights in Combat 
Screen Shot Color Magic is special because it permits all 128 Atari colors to be used at once, according to Sullivan. The first of his pictures shown here is Landscape demonstrating the possibility of depicting a lot of featues in some detail. The Knights in Combat was done to show Epyx the power of Color Magic, and the Giant at Home is part of a series for an animated story of Jack and the Beanstalk. 
Giant at Home 
Screen Shot Mike Sullivan was trained as a graphics artist at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. He also did freelance illustration for magazines. He began micro-art last year after joining International Software Marketing. He uses a variety of microcomputers at work, but at home his machine is an ATARI 800. 
Send us your artistic creations for the ATARI. If selected, your masterpieces also may appear in Microscreens.