Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 3 / JUNE 1983

In the Public Domain

Long Eagle's Revenge

by John Weber

Lone Eagle has five horses, and keeps them behind a fence. Outside, the woods are full of bears that sneak up to eat the horses. The object of the game is to protect your horses from the bears.

As the game begins, one bear will start to move towards the horses' enclosure. If it reaches the fence, the bear eats a horse. When all the horses are lost, the game is over.

To protect his horses, Lone Eagle can either wound the bears, stopping them temporarily, or kill them. Lone Eagle moves around in response to the joystick. To wound a bear he just moves to the spot which the bear occupies. The bear will vanish and reappear elsewhere on the screen, usually near the bottom. To kill a bear, he must use bow and arrow. The bow will shoot in one direction only, towards the left. To fire, press the joystick to the left and simultaneously press the fire button. Lone Eagle can only carry ten arrows at a time. To restock, he must move to the arrow symbol in the area behind the fence. Placing Lone Eagle next to it will supply him with his limit of ten arrows. This can be done at any time during game play.

The bears move faster as more of them are killed, but only one will attack your horses at any time. If a bear is moving along either side of the screen and finds its way blocked by a boulder, it may sneak around to the other side of the screen. Lone Eagle can also "wrap around" like this. Also, if a bear gets trapped between the rocks, he can no longer attack. Once a bear knocks down part of the fence or goes beyond the fence line, he will no longer attack. At this point, a final screen will appear notifying you of Lone Eagle's statistics.

1. How many horses were lost.
2. How many bears were wounded.
3. How many bears were killed.
4. How many arrows were fired.
5. Percentage of arrows fired and bears killed.

Now you can press START to play again or SYSTEM RESET to end.

[Download REVENGE.BAS]