Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 5 NO. 7 / APRIL/MAY 1991


Programs on Disk!
I am a long-time 8-bit user, and member of two users groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, ABACUS and the San Leandro Computer Club. I've been a subscriber to ANTIC (and its disk) for many years. I heartily endorse ANTIC's decision to be incorporated into START, even though I have no immediate plans to become 'an ST user. By its action ANTIC can continue to serve the 8-bit community.

I will miss the ANTIC disks. I recommend that you start publishing a quarterly ANTIC disk, available separately. I feel that $5 to $10 per disk would be a reasonable amount to pay for this convenience.

Bob Scholar
El Cerrito, CA

We're working on just such a disk, and it should be ready by the time you read this. This first disk will contain all the 8-bit Atari programs from the October /990 through March 1991 issues of START If there's enough room, we'll include some new Antic Music Processor (AMP) songs as well. The disk will be sold through Antic Software for $9.95 plus $1.50 shipping and handling. Call our order line at (800) 234-7001 to make pour credit-card order.

ATR8000 Help Wanted
I am a "new" ATR8000 owner (I bought it secondhand a couple of months ago) and I would like to say I am really thrilled by the power it offers to Atari users. I am using it with two 360K drives. However, I have several questions about this CP/M machine from Atari.

Does anyone have a memory map for the ATR? Is there a way to start CP/M from DOS? I would like to load an 80-column emulator from DOS and then invoke CP/M. On a related topic, I have a BIT3 card with two cartridges (one left and one right) to enable 80-column terminal emulation with CP/M. I have no documentation for the BIT3 card. I can use 80 columns but only with the carts. I believe that I should he able to have 80 columns with DOS, BASIC and any other programs that use the E: handler, but I cannot enable the card. I'm hoping some of your readers can help. They can write me at the address below.

Eric Anderson
20 Meadow Garden Lane
Dover, DE 19901-6524

Type-In Tip
Having been an Antic subscriber for many years, I was pleased to see that there will still he some support for the 8-bit machines. I am disappointed that the programs are no longer on disk, as my typing is somewhat limited. Fortunately, I have more time now that I have retired.

I would like to pass on a tip to make typing the data lines with all those numbers a bit easier. Prior to typing, I get a highlighting pen and highlight every other group of three digits. It sure saves a lot of searching for mistakes.

Edward C. Kozicki
Glen Mills, PA