Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 5 NO. 4 / DECEMBER 1990


History In The Making
When Steve Mortimer left the START fold for bigger and better things, we were left with the nearly impossible task of finding another solid news-hound dedicated to Atari. Fortunately, such a creature exists. When I was in Glendale, Calif., for the latest Atari Computer Faire, I met with John Nagy and Ron Kovacs of Z * Net, the respected online weekly. The point of our meeting was clear: START needed a strong news section and Z * Net built its reputation by being a well-researched news source.

So this issue marks the debut of Z*NetNewswire, which replaces START's News, Notes and Quotes section. Many of you are already familiar with this service through your user-group newsletter, and many more of you have read Z*Net online in places like GEnie, CompuServe and Delphi. I hope you join me and the rest of the staff in welcoming Z*Nct, Ron Kovacs and John Nagy to the pages of START.

START Plug #1: The Readers' Page
Have you got a hint or tip you'd like to share with other ST users? Well, here's your chance. User Interface, a new section in START, is an excellent way to get your great ideas to the largest number of people. Submissions can be anything from neat hardware hacks to quick tips on how to use a word processor more effectively to advice on dealing with pushy computer salespeople. Send your ideas to:
User Interface
START Magazine
544 Second St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

START Plug #2: The Classifieds
It bears repeating again and again and again: Each month START reaches some 50,000 Atari computer owners. With that kind of market penetration, what better place to sell your new and used hardware and software? Maybe you have an old printer you'd like to unload. Or maybe you've decided to buy an STE and want to sell your 520ST. Better yet, you produce great resumes and you're looking for more business. Why not take out an ad in the START Classifieds? See page 113 for more details.

START Disk Goes Double-Sided!
That's going to be a headline in the January 1991 issue. As promised, the START disk will be straight double-sided. If you only have a single-sided drive, please find someone who can help you access the START programs. You can also check out Jim Burton's comparison of five double-sided disk drives in this issue for information on upgrading your drive.

START Editor