Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 2 NO. 2 / FALL 1987


Every issue of START, The ST Quarterly, contains articles written by some of the finest developers and writers in the Atari computer community. Many of these articles are programming tutorials, detailing how the wizards of the Atari world practice their arcane art. But anyone can benefit from the disk--we provide everything from tax templates for your spreadsheet to full-featured word processors, easy-to-use drawing programs and spectacular graphics demos.

START was designed as a magazine with disk, containing the finest ST programs available. If you purchased the $4 nondisk version of START you can still obtain the disk by sending us the bound-in order card or mailing $10.95 plus $2 for postage and handling to: START DISK #5, 544 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. (Be sure to specify the disk you want.) Note: If you want same day service, call (415) 9570886 and ask for the Disk Desk. Give us your MasterCard or Visa number, and we'll send your START disk out that very day!

All programs on the START disk are for your own private use, and are not public domain. Please don't copy your disk for your friends, accept a copy from someone, or upload these programs on a bulletin board system. That makes it more difficult for us to afford to bring you quality ST programs and incisive technical material. Software piracy hurts everyone.


Use scissors to open your disk envelope along the outside vertical edge, then put the disk in drive A and double-click on the disk icon to see its contents. Refer to your ST owner's manual if you're uncertain about using the Desktop.

Important: Before you do anything else, back up your START disk--it's not copy-protected. Format a fresh disk as single-sided, and copy your entire START disk to it. Finished? Now place your original START disk in a safe place and begin using the new copy.

Your START disk contains eight ARC files. Each ARC file corresponds to a particular START article. To uncompress an ARC file, first copy the file and the program ARCX.TTP to a freshly formatted disk. Double-click on ARCX.TTP, then type in the name of the file you want to uncompress and press the Return key. ARC will un-ARC the files and place them on the disk.


ARCX.TTP The un-ARCing utility. Double-click on this to uncompress a file.

BRIKYARD.ARC START Technical Editor Patrick Bass creates a GFA BASIC version of what might be the most famous video game ever. To play, you'll need the program (BRIKYARD.PRG) and menu file (BRIKYARD.PI1); source code is also included.

CALC.ARC The START Scientific Calculator by Alex Leavens is a TI-35 programmable calculator desk accessory for your ST. Here's the program (STRTCALC.ACC) and resource file (STRTCALC.RSC).

GRAPH.ARC anti GRAPH3D.ARC These two programs can graph almost any math function you can type. The programs are GRAPHER.PRG (2-D version) and 3DGRAPH.PRG (3-D version), and Delmar Searls's source code in Personal Pascal is included, too.

MWC2.ARC Here are Arick Anderson's benchmarks for the newest version of the Mark Williams C compiler.

PIXELPRO.ARC Matt Loveless lets you perform some professional effects with your ST pictures. Turn your favorite image into a slick video oil painting with this program (PIXELPRO.PRG) and resource file (PIXELPRO.RSC).

STWRITER.ARC Here's the latest, greatest version of ST Writer, the free word processor for the ST. Version 1.75 clears up some bugs and adds powerful new functions, including deadkey and merging non-ST Writer files. Here's the program (STWRITER.PRG), along with the manual (STWMAN) and all the files you need to use this fast, powerful word processor.

TRANSPUT.ARC Tom Hudson tested his ST with Z Kuma's 7.5 million instructions per second K-MAX transputer against an ordinary ST to see how much faster the K-MAX is, and these are the benchmarks he used.

Programs on CompuServe

There's not enough room on the START disk for the source code from all the programs in this issue. You'll find the source code for Pixel-Pro and the START Scientific Calculator in Antic Online, CompuServe's Atari online magazine. Just log on to CompuServe, type GO ANTIC and check the "What's New" menu for PIXELPRO and CALC source code files. You'll also find Antic Online's regular features—-the latest Atari news and show reports, online graphics, user group listings, user surveys and electronic feedback to START and Antic magazine, Tim Oren's online column on using GEM, and the Cyber Connection for owners of Tom Hudson's CAD-3D and Cyber Studio programs!