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STart Vol. 2 No. 2 - Fall 1987 - Free Word Processor

  • Pixel-Pro The Prismatic Pixel Processor by Matt Loveless
  • What's Your Sine? Grapher, a Mathematical Functions Plotter by Delmar Searls
  • ST Writer Returns! ST Writer 1.75 Free on your START Disk! by Bruce Noonan
  • The START Calculator A Fully Programmable Scientific Calculator For Your ST by Alex Leavens
  • Arcade Brickyard A GFA BASIC Version of an Old Classic by Patrick Bass
  • Perspectives How Not To Run A Computer Store Or, the trials and Tribulations of a Northern California Computer Consumer by Frank Kofsky
  • Chips 15 Million Instructions Per Second The Kuma K-MAX RISC Processor Development System by Tom Hudson
  • Reviews Fleet Street Publisher by Charles Johnson
  • Reviews The Game of Kings - START's First Chess Tournament Chessmaster 2000, Psion-Chess, TechMate by Christopher Chabris
  • Reviews Three Hard Disk Drives Astra System HD+, SupraDrive, Atari SH204 by Howard Root
  • Reviews Mark Williams C 2.0 by Arick Anders
  • Reviews Four MIDI Patch Editors CZ Patch, CZ-Android, Perfect Patch, DX Heaven by Jim Pierson-Perry
  • Reviews VIP Professional by Matt Loveless
  • Editorial by Jon Bell
  • Dialog Box
  • Disk Instructions
  • Clipboard
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