Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 2 NO. 1 / SUMMER 1987



Q. What had over 1700 pages, over two million bytes of software by the finest ST writers (Tom Hudson, David Small, Dan Moore, Matt Loveless, Patrick Bass and others) and cost only $60.00?

A. A subscription to the first year of START, The ST Quarterly, which included Antic, the most successful Atari magazine of all time.

It's hard to believe START's been around for a year. We've doubled in circulation since our first issue--from 25,000 to over 50,000 today, and still growing. From June 1986 to June 1987, we've endeavored to publish the best ST programs, tutorials, perspectives and software reviews. Your response assures us that we succeeded.

A computer magazine such as START is a lot like a call-in radio talk show--it works better with audience participation. If you had a complaint, a suggestion, constructive criticism, or, ahem, praise, then we took your comment and ran with it, tried to incorporate your input into our--your--magazine. At START we have our own ideas about what constitutes interesting, informative and useful editorial, but we can't operate in a vacuum. So, keep telling us what you want. More reviews? Programs in BASIC, not C? Perspectives? Hardware tutorials? Tell us what we're doing well, and tell us what we need to improve.

Okay, so what's coming up from START?

  • A subscription for only $39.95 a year--that's $10 an issue, including a single-sided disk packed with so many programs we have to compress them just to get them to fit.

  • A subscription to START with disk and Antic and its magazine-within-a magazine, The ST Resource, for a mere $59.95.

  • More reviews, overviews, and in-depth examinations of ST hardware and software, including the Mega STs, laser printers, and more!

  • And, finally, an increase in publishing frequency. When we see the quantity of subscriptions go up (and you'll have to help us here) and an increased level of advertising that a professional magazine like START needs, then well be able to leave our quarterly status behind.

And don't forget our own electronic news service on CompuServe--Antic Online, headed by Charlie Jackson, which provides technical help, downloadable software and late-breaking news, such as our famous CES reports. Log onto CompuServe, type GO ANTIC and check it out!

It's going to be an exciting year, and with your support, we'll continue to lead the way

Jon A. Bell, Editor
START, The ST Quarterly