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STart Vol. 2 No. 1 - Summer 1987 - Summer Computing

  • The aSTronomer Your Computerized Guide to the Heavens by Ignac Kolenko
  • Plumbing GEM's Mysteries Writing to the Desk Accessory Pipeline by Tom Hudson
  • Packtext Text Compression and Huffman Coding With Personal Pascal by Tom Hudson
  • Escape From the Desktop IBM-type Commands for Your ST by Jeff Wilson
  • Iconographics Flicker Powerful ST Animation for Everyone by Jim Kent
  • Iconographics A Super Toolkit for DEGAS Elite Exploring the Built-in Desk Accessory Hooks by Patrick Bass
  • Music The Musical ST Consumer MIDI Software Tools and Toys by Jim Pierson-Perry
  • Music Save Your Synthesizer Sounds MIDISAVE, a Casio and Yamaha Patch Librarian by Tom Bajoras
  • Reviews Publishing Partner by Charles Johnson
  • Reviews Timeworks' Powerful Business Trio Word Writer ST, Data Manager ST, SwiftCalc ST by Matt Loveless
  • Reviews BASICs for the ST ST BASIC, LDW Compiler, SoftWorks BASIC, Fast ST BASIC, GFA BASIC by David Plotkin
  • Editorial by Jon Bell
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