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Current Status:

My computer book and magazine archiving work has transitioned from this site (and to Internet Archive. My sites will remain online, but we are not really adding new material to them. Instead, material is being upload to Internet Archive.

When I started and, it made sense for technical reasons to convert the scans to text using OCR, then convert that to HTML for display the web. It was a LOT of extra work to do those conversions, but at the time, most people just didn't have the bandwidth to download large PDFs of scans. (Really! In the earliest days of the sites many people didn't have PDF viewers or even know what a PDF was.) But over time people got more bandwidth, and automatic OCR for searching PDFs improved, so we moved to upload our scans to There, people can view the full page scans of the magazines and books right in their web browser — or download PDFs of the material — rather than just the extracted text.

So, these sites aren't going anywhere, and we still are scanning donated Atari newsletters, magazines, and books. As always, you can send questions and comments to Kevin.

Check out the amazing computer history scans at Internet Archive:

3 May 2013: Best of Creative Computing Volume 2

13 Dec 2013: Terrible Nerd

6 April 2012: Best of Creative Computing Volume 3

  • The Best of Creative Computing Volume 3, featuring 120+ articles from 1978 issues of Creative Computing Magazine, is now available for the Kindle

19 March 2012: A.N.A.L.O.G. Magazine

  • Big news! I've added the full text of 10 issues of A.N.A.L.O.G. Magazine. A.N.A.L.O.G. magazine was devoted primarily to 8-bit Atari computers, with some emphasis in later years on Atari ST computers. It was published from 1981 to 1989. In April 1988 (issue 59), the magazine was purchased by Larry Flynt Publishing. This site has permission to offer the full text of A.N.A.L.O.G. during LFP's ownership — 21 issues from April 1988 through December 1989. To start, we have 10 of those issues for you.

19 March 2012: ROM Magazine

  • More big news! We now have the full text of ROM Magazine. ROM was a short-lived Canadian magazine dedicated to Atari 8-bit computers. Published bi-monthly from 1983 to 1985, only ten issues were published. (It is not to be confused with the magazine "ROM - Computer Applications for Living" which was published in 1977-1978.) Every article in every issue here for you!

29 September 2010: 3 Compute issues

2 April 2010: Compute Issue 71

  • Compute! issue 71 (April 1986) is now available. I like: A Turning Point for Atari? Report from the Winter Consumer Electronics Show.

5 February 2010: Compute II issue 3

  • Now available: the full text of the final issue of Compute II (which was dedicated to single-board computers). Check it out: Compute II issue 3

31 December 2009: Compute! Issue 74 (July 1986) and 76 (September 1986) and 79 (December 1986)

30 December 2009: Compute! Issue 59 (April 1985) and 64 (September 1985) and 65 (October 1985)

29 December 2009: Compute! Issue 72 (May 1986) and 73 (June 1986)

26 October 2009: Compute! Issue 58 - March 1985

14 October 2009: Compute! Issue 57 - February 1985

13 October 2009: Compute! Issue 75 - August 1986

17 July 2006: 19 issues of ST-Log Magazine!

  • It's an early 10th birthday present from! 19 issues of ST-Log Magazine are now available -- full text, plus the cover gallery! ST-Log was devoted to Atari's 16-bit ST line of computers. These are the issues published when Larry Flynt Publishing owned the magazine. (We don't have permission for earlier issues.) (Also, if you have digital archives of the ST-Log software disks, please contact Kevin.) OCRing these magazines was very expensive — if you appreciate what this site does, your donation would be much appreciated.

9 July 2006: Compute! Covers Gallery

  • Added images of many Compute! Magazine Covers. Missing a few (issues 3, 4, 5, and after issue 95. Please let me know if you have scans of these covers.)

25 June 2006: 21 More Issues of Compute!

22 April 2006: Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

16 January 2006: What's New RSS Feed!

  • Now, you can keep updated on what's new at with this RSS feed.

16 January 2006: We've added the full text of 16 issues of Compute!

11 December 2005: 6 more issues of Compute!

14 October 2005: 3 more issues of Compute!

22 July 2005:

  • We have launched a new site,, which features the full text of 11 classic flight simulation books.

7 July 2005: Compute II

  • We've added the full text of both issues of Compute II - The Single-Board Compute. This was a sort-lived spin-off from Compute! magazine that only published two issues in 1980. It focused on KIM, AIM, SYM, and OSI single-board computers.

To Do/Needs

  • If you can donate or sell (cheap) any issues of Atari magazines or books, Creative Computing or Compute magazines, e-mail Kevin.
  • If you have any of the Antic Public Domain Software Disks or disks from The Catalog or Atari Program Exchange (APX), I want to know!

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