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Antic Vol. 2 No. 11 - February 1984 - Personal Finance

  • Tape Topics The 410 Hi-Rel Mod by Carl Evans
  • Atari At War The Wild World Of Conflict Simulation by Karl Wiegers
  • Inside Atari It's Official by David Barry
  • Character Graphics Redefine The Set Any Way You Choose by Christopher Chabris
  • Starting Line A Cinderella Story by Fred Pinho
  • Assembly Language Drawto Fill by Joseph Tucker
  • Education The End Of Odd Man by John Harrison, Mary Harrison
  • Fast Fingers Autoboot With A Ghost At The Keyboard by Craig Chamberlain
  • Follow That Stock A Spreadsheet For Your Stock Portfolio by Eric Verheiden
  • Bonus Game Galactic Gloop by Guy Aitchison
  • In The Public Domain The Gantlet by Stephen Groll
  • A Greeting Card For All Seasons Say It On Cassette by William Henson
  • Help!
  • I/O Board
  • Logo/Pilot Logo Books by Ken Harms
  • Microscreens Laurent Basset, Pauline Murabayashi, Michael Sharp
  • Money Matters Atari Reckons With Personal Finance by Warwick Wakeman
  • New Products V-COS, Pitstop, Super Mailer Plus, Atari BASIC Faster and Better, Understanding Atari Graphics, RM 1000, Complete Personal Accountant, Tax Consultant, Compugard, Millionaire, The Tax Advantage, Flight Simulator II, Overcoming Computer Fear, Wire Away, Shadow World
  • Systems Guide Nightmare Detour by David Small, Sandy Small
  • Phone Book Simulate String Arrays In Atari Basic by Jerry White
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Complete Personal Accountant, Tax Command, B/GRAPH, The Home Accountant, Personal Accountant, A Financial Wizard, Financial Asset Management System, The Money Processor, Pharaoh's Pyramid, Pooyan, ACTION!, Fun With Art, Excalibur, Magic Storybook: The Three Little Pigs, Signalman Mark XII modem by Tay Vaughan, David Duberman, Jerry O'Neill, Karl Wiegers, David Mentley, Larry Dziegielewski, Mark Cotone, Jerry White, John Harrison, Mary Harrison
  • Typo Type Your Program Once by Bill Wilkinson
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