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STart Vol. 4 No. 1 - August 1989 - Special Programming Issue

  • Secrets Of A Good User Interface Revealed By Three Experts by Joseph P. Ferrari, Tim Oren, Jim Kent
  • Pogo An Animations/Simulations Language by Jim Kent
  • File Search Finding Lost Files Made Easy by David T. Jarvis
  • Tools Of The Trade Programming Languages Explored by Charles Jackson, Marta Deike
  • Splines On Splines Dynamic Motion Control With Cyber Control by Dann Parks
  • Stumbling Blocks Push Your Puzzling Skills To The Limit by Mark Annetts
  • Reviews Atari's Answer To Postscript Fever Ultrascript by Andrew Reese
  • Reviews Michtron's DevpacST - A Speedy Way To Code DevpacST by Paul Dana
  • Reviews dDMAN V - Versasoft's dBASE III+ Clone dBMAN V by Dan Fruchey
  • Reviews After-Market Floppy Disk Drives Professional FD-1, GTS-100, GTS-100X by Tom Byron
  • Reviews Who Needs Reel-To-Reel? MIDI Magic Tape Interface, The Final Cut by Martin Majano
  • Editorial by Heidi Brumbaugh
  • Dialog Box
  • News, Notes & Quotes pc-ditto II Shipping, Atari Aids Academy Award Winner, Fat Bits, Spring COMDEX Report, World of Atari News by Stephen Mortimer
  • Products Update 4,096 Colors on the ST, Mouse Alternative, New Paint Program for the ST, HotWire from CodeHead by Marta Deike
  • Mac & PC On The ST The Latest Gadget & Desktop Presentations by David Plotkin
  • ST/MIDI Connection Saturday Night's All Right For Downloads by Jim Pierson-Perry
  • Disk Contents
  • Disk Instructions
  • Clipboard Redirecting TTP Output, Those Pesky Gadgets, How Long?, Hidden Attributes, Just a Comment..., The Enterprise's First Mistake by Heidi Brumbaugh
  • Business Applications Buy Or Lease, Which Is Best? by Christoph L. Herd
  • For The Fun Of It Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas, Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons, Star Wars by David Plotkin, Andrew Reese
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