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Antic Vol. 3 No. 4 - August 1984 - New Games from Lucasfilm

Antic Vol. 3 No. 5 - September 1984 - Computer Graphics

Antic Vol. 3 No. 6 - October 1984 - Computer Learning Magic

  • Atari at a Science Museum U.C. Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science workshops by Michael Ciraolo
  • Communications Plato's Top Classes: a Sample by Michael Ciraolo
  • Communications Plato Teaches by Michael Ciraolo
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Buy A School For Your Home, Chatterbee, Delta Drawing, Little Red Riding Hood, Reading Comprehension Skills, Learn About Words, SpeedRead+, MemorEase+, The Art Of Computer Game Design by Jim Wiese, Bill Lukeroth, John Harrison, Mary Harrison, James Trunzo, Michael Ciraolo, Christopher Chabris

Antic Vol. 3 No. 7 - November 1984 - Computer Adventures 1984

Antic Vol. 3 No. 8 - December 1984 - Buyer's Guide

  • Buyer's Guide 125 Best Products For Your Atari by Anita Malnig, Nat Friedland, Jack Powell, Michael Ciraolo, Charles Jackson

Antic Vol. 3 No. 9 - January 1985 - Super Utilities

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Rome And The Barbarians, Napoleon At Waterloo, Epidemic, Star Wars, Bruce Lee, Quest Of The Space Beagle, Realm Of Impossibility, Rails West, Adventures With The Atari, X-Basic, Scroll-It, Montana Reading Program, Assembly Language Programming For Atari, Chaos by Michael Ciraolo, Jordan Powell, George Adamson, Harris Shiffman, Christine Lunardini, Jerry White, Larry Dziegielewski, Rhonda Holmes, Christopher Chabris

Antic Vol. 3 No. 10 - February 1985 - Money Mastery

Antic Vol. 3 No. 11 - March 1985 - Ultimate Printer Guide

  • 1985 Printer Guide by Michael Ciraolo
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Cutthroats, Dreadnaught Factor, Beamrider, Homepak, Super-Text, Writers Tool by Michael Ciraolo, Jack Powell, Keith Valenza, Jerry White, Christopher Chabris, Thomas Rainbow

Antic Vol. 3 No. 12 - April 1985 - Computer Frontiers

Antic Vol. 4 No. 1 - May 1985 - New Super Ataris

  • Antic Bookshelf Book of Adventure Games, Atari Graphics, Arcade Game Design, Atari Color Graphics, 1, 2, 3, My Computer, Me! A Logo Funbook For Kids, Logo Fun by Charles Jackson, Michael Ciraolo
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Infocom's newest (and weirdest) adventure by Jack Powell, Michael Ciraolo
  • Paperclip State-of-the-art Atari word processing by Michael Ciraolo, Nat Friedland

Antic Vol. 4 No. 2 - June 1985 - Computer Arts

  • Atari In Lights Theater Lighting Designer's Atari CAD, James Brentano by Michael Ciraolo
  • Microscreens Color-The-Cover Contest Winners Paul Sedgewick, Tim O'Connell, Alfred Gomez, Gaston Aladin, Nick Turner, Marta Taylor by Jack Powell, Michael Ciraolo
  • Communications The #1 Sysop Ron Luks Of SIG*Atari by Michael Ciraolo

Antic Vol. 4 No. 3 - July 1985 - Computer Challenges

  • Computer Chess Programming How Good Is Your Atari's Game? by Michael Ciraolo
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Star SG-10, Computer Ambush, Microstuffer, Gulf Strike, Trivia Fever, Cassette Adventures by Charles Jackson, John Stanoch, Michael Ciraolo, Charles Cherry
  • Slide Can You Solve The 24-Puzzle? by Mark Moore, Michael Ciraolo

Antic Vol. 4 No. 4 - August 1985 - Telecomputers 85

  • Low Cost E-Mail What electronic mail can do for you by Michael Ciraolo
  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Smart 1030, Ballblazer, Rescue on Fractalus, Adventure Master, Maxwell Manor by Brad Kershaw, Kirsten Kershaw, Michael Ciraolo, Scott Lewis
  • Starting Out Communicating Computers Getting online with your Atari by Michael Ciraolo, Scott Lewis
  • ST Software News What's coming from the top developers by Michael Ciraolo

Antic Vol. 4 No. 5 - September 1985 - Power Programming

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