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Compute! Issue 83 - April 1987

  • Report from the Winter Consumer Electronics Show: The Fireworks Continue by Selby Bateman, Tom R. Halfhill
  • A Maturing Software Market by Kathy Yakal
  • SpeedScript 80: The 80-Column Machine Language Word Processor for Apple II by Charles Brannon, Kevin Martin, Bill Rodrick
  • Menu Planner by W. M. Shockley
  • Tass Times in Tonetown by Ervin Bobo
  • Airheart for the Apple II by James V. Trunzo
  • Lance Haffner Games by James V. Trunzo
  • Instant Music for the Amiga by Neil Randall
  • The SoundMouse by Rhett Anderson
  • The Editor's Notes by Richard Mansfield
  • Readers' Feedback by Editors And Readers Of Compute!
  • The Beginner's Page Odds and Ends by C. Regena
  • Computers and Society A Meeting with an Ex-Pirate by David D. Thornburg
  • The World Inside the Computer The COMPUTEREYES/2 Digitizer by Fred D'Ignazio
  • Microscope by Sheldon Leemon
  • ST Outlook Atari Does It Again by Philip I. Nelson
  • IBM Personal Computing Low-priced Speed and Space by Donald B. Trivette
  • AmigaView The New Amigas by Sheldon Leemon
  • Telecomputing Today April Antics by Arlan R. Levitan
  • INSIGHT: Atari Retry, Retry, Retry Again by Bill Wilkinson
  • Simple Banners for IBM PC/PCjr by Vic Neupauer
  • Easy BASIC Autoboot by Ron Goodman
  • HyperScan: A Full-Featured Mandelbrot Graphics Program by Kenneth W. Shepard
  • Disk COMpacker for IBM PC/PCjr by Ronald Dorchester
  • Amiga System Fonts by Daniel L. Stockton
  • Structured BASIC 64 by Scott Kell
  • Merge 128 by Jeffrey D. Partch
  • Apple's Built-In Music Program by Mike Miyake
  • North of the Border by Jim Butterfield
  • IFF Translator for Amiga BASIC by Michael Barron
  • Magazine Indexer by Marc Sugiyama
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