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Compute! Issue 82 - March 1987

  • Comodore's New, Expandable Amiga 2000: A Hands-On Report by Philip I. Nelson
  • New Peripheral Technologies
  • An Introduction to Hard Disk Drives by Philip I. Nelson
  • The New High-Quality Dot-Matrix Printers by Kathy Yakal
  • The Big Picture: Advances in Screen Display by Selby Bateman
  • A Buyer's Guide to Printers
  • Euchre by David Shimoda
  • Little Computer People by Neil Randall
  • Certificate Maker and Walt Disney Card & Party Shop by Karen G. McCullough
  • Roadwar 2000 by James V. Trunzo
  • The Editor's Notes by Richard Mansfield
  • Readers' Feedback by Editors And Readers Of Compute!
  • Computers and Society Demons and Events, Part 2 by David D. Thornburg
  • Microscope by Sheldon Leemon
  • Telecomputing Today Packet-Switching Rule Changes by Arlan R. Levitan
  • The World Inside the Computer When Buying a New Computer: Don't Ask Me! by Fred D'Ignazio
  • The Beginner's Page Getting Started with a Printer by C. Regena
  • ST Outlook Who Is That Man, and Why Is He Smiling? by Philip I. Nelson
  • AmigaView The Sidecar Arrives by Sheldon Leemon
  • IBM Personal Computing Two Winners and a Loser by Donald B. Trivette
  • INSIGHT: Atari Corrected File Conversions by Bill Wilkinson
  • 3-D Surfaces for Amiga by Martin Staley
  • Fixing Atari Revision-B BASIC by Barry Hart
  • Custom Characters for Atari XL and XE by S. M. Baugh
  • Applecoder by Adam Levin
  • 128 File Viewer by Jeffrey D. Partch
  • Filedump for IBM PC/PCjr by Harry Faulkner
  • DOS Calc by Steve Kelly
  • Diskcheck: Apple Sector Editor for DOS 3.3 by Steve Meyles
  • 128 Editing Functions for Commodore 64 by Jim Allen
  • Amiga Banner Printer by Walter Bulawa
  • Using PUT and GET on the PC/PCjr by Rafael Gonzalez
  • Superplotter by Greg Perkins, Derry Bryson
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