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Compute! Issue 166 - July 1994

  • At Home (database manager) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Scott A. May
  • Blast off! (space-related computer programs) (Buyers Guide) by Philip Chien
  • Brother HJ-400 (ink-jet printer) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by Tim Victor
  • C.I.T.Y. 2000 (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Rick Broida
  • Casting the net (using Internet; includes bibliography and list of Internet access providers) (Cover Story) by Rosalind Resnick
  • FileMaker Pro 2.1 (Windows database manager) (Productivity Choice) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Tom Campbell
  • Fleet Defender: The F-14 Tomcat simulation (Entertainment Choice) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Scott A. May
  • Flight Sim Toolkit (entertainment/hobby software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by David Gerding
  • Frisky business (Hayes Microcomputer Products introduces 28,000-bps modem; includes additional information about Radish Communication's VoiceView protocol) (Online) (Column) by Robert Bixby
  • Home computing (Computer's Getting Started With) by Richard O. Mann
  • In the clouds (patent infringement case impacts sales of disk compression utilities) (IntroDos) (Column) by Tony Roberts
  • Isle of the Dead (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Merit Olafson
  • MetaMorf (morphing software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Rick Broida
  • Mortal Kombat, Body Blows (computer games) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Rick Broida
  • Multimedia megashow (1994 International Conference on Multimedia and CD-ROM) (Fast Forward) by David English
  • MultiSpin 4X Pro (CD-ROM drive) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by David Gerding
  • NeoPaint 2.2 (paint software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Scott A. May
  • New multimedia products (Multimedia PC) by Polly Cillpam
  • PC brain transplants made easy (replacing a personal computer's power supply) (Hardware Clinic) (Column) by Mark Minasi
  • PC Tools for Windows 2.0 (disk/file management software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Peter Scisco
  • Places Rated Almanac, Infonation (software that rates states and cities by quality of life) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Scott A. May
  • Sound Blaster AWE32 (sound board) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by David English
  • The making of Babylon 5 (television science fiction series; includes related article) (Multimedia PC) by David Sears, David English
  • This diamond is a gem (soon-to-be-released computer games; includes additional computer game industry news) (Game Insider) (Column) by Peter Olafson
  • Traveling companions (Windows notebook computer, sound system, PC-MCIA fax/data modem) (Windows Workshop) (Evaluation) by Clifton Karnes
  • TuneLand (discovery software for young children) (Discovery Choice) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Peter Scisco
  • Visual Basic 3 and the beauty of grids (Microsoft's Grid drop-in custom control) (Programming Power) (Column) by Tom Campbell
  • War in the skys (MicroProse's 1942: The Pacific Air War flight simulation; includes additional information about Interplay's Star Reach space conquest game) (Gameplay) (Software Review) (Evaluation) (Column) by Denny Atkin
  • Windows spreadsheet software (includes glossery and an additional evaluation of Baarns Utilties) (Evaluation) by Richard O. Mann
  • Word Attack 3 (educational software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Karen Lee Siepak
  • XyWrite for Windows (word processing software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Phillip Morgan
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