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Compute! Issue 154 - July 1993

  • Air Force Commander (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Bob Guerra
  • Alone in the Dark (I * Motion's three-dimensional action game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Peter Olafson
  • AutoCAD Release 12 (computer-aided-design software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Brian Matthews
  • Best Data Smart One 9624 FP Traveler Fax/Modem (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by Eddie Huffman
  • Coffee break gambling (Villa Crespo Software's series of budget-priced games) (Buyers Guide) by Scott A. May
  • Compiler wars (Microsoft's Visual C++ 3.1 program development software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Clifton Karnes
  • Computer faxing: how to choose and use a fax modem (includes glossary) (Compute's Getting Started With) by (none)
  • Dashboard for Windows 1.0 (enhancement for Windows operating system) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Mike Hudnall
  • DEC 433DX LP (microcomputer) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by Joyce Sides
  • Editorial license (Microsoft's plans for Windows 4, OLE 2.0 and DOS 7) (Column) by Clifton Karnes
  • Everything's coming up aces (Dynamix's Aces over Europe released; additional new action computer games and products described) (Buyers Guide) by Shay Addams
  • Gobliins (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Scott A. May
  • Grandmaster Chess (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Jim Smith
  • Grasping power (DOS is an acceptable operating system for many applications) (Column) by Tony Roberts
  • Hitting the links (golf simulations) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Paul C. Schuytema
  • Insight (personality inventory software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Eddie Huffman
  • Leasing versus buying (microcomputers) by Rosalind Resnick
  • Mixed-up Fairy Tales (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Eddie Huffman
  • Mutanoid math challenge (educational software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Carol Ellison
  • Pacific Islands (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Clayton Walnum
  • Pant your way to victory (computer games based on the Summer Olympics) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Paul C. Schuytema
  • Pentium power (Intel's newest microprocessor) by Mark Minasi
  • PowerBASIC 3.0 (Spectra Publishing) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Tom Campbell
  • Practical FaxMe (peripheral controller turns printer into fax machine) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by Stephen Levy
  • Quantum Hardcard EZ 240 (hard disk drive) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by David English
  • Smith Corona Coronajet 200J (ink-jet computer printer) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by Eddie Huffman
  • Sony Desktop Library (multimedia hardware and software) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by Richard C. Leinecker
  • Space Ace II: Borf's Revenge (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Scott A. May
  • Suncom FX 2000 (joystick controller) (Evaluation) by Scott A. May
  • Test labs (Intel 80486 DX2/66-based microcomputers) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by Tom Benford
  • The Animals! (Software Toolworks multimedia software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by David Sears
  • The Operation: Fighting Tiger (The Operation: Fighting Tiger expansion kit for Falcon 3.0) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by Peter Olafson
  • The world on a platter (Microsoft Encardia Multimedia Encyclopedia) (Software Review) (Column) (Evaluation) by David English
  • Top 10 windows tools (software experts prefer) (includes related article and list of products) (Buyers Guide) by Kimberly Havlena
  • Visual Basic 2.0 (Microsoft's program development software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) by George Campbell
  • Where hardware meets software (Basic Input/Output System or BIOS) (includes related information) by Richard C. Leinecker
  • Who are you? (solicitation for information about desktop publishing; includes information about new products) by Robert Bixby
  • Wyse Decision 486SI (graphics workstation) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) by Stephen Levy
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