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COMPUTE!'s Gazette Index: July 1983 - February 1995

COMPUTE!'s Gazette ISSN 0737-3716

COMPUTE!'s Gazette was a spin-off of COMPUTE! magazine. While COMPUTE! covered computers in addition to Commodores, COMPUTE!'s Gazette was Commodore-specific.

COMPUTE!'s Gazette was published from July 1983 to February 1995. It started publishing companion disks in April 1984. Between October 1990 and December 1993 it was combined with COMPUTE! in a separate section of the magazine. It then switched to a disk-only magazine format in January 1994 and ceased publishing with the February 1995 issue.

COMPUTE!'s Gazette can be searched through CARL Uncover at <telnet://>.

This partial index of COMPUTE!'s Gazette was compiled from various sources by Dan Fandrich, Sami Rautiainen, Michael Heinrichs, Jeno E. Kontros, Jeremy Sieracki and Michael LeRoux.


July 1983 July 1983 - Issue 1, Vol. 1, No. 1 (premier issue)
Does Your Computer Need A Cassette Recorder?, Commodore 64 Video Update, Inside View: Programmer Jimmy Huey, Skydiver, Snake Escape, Review: Exatron Stringy Floppy for VIC-20 And 64, Review: Deadly Duck Cartridge Game For Unexpanded VIC-20, Computing For Kids: Computer Adventures, Alfabug, Vic Marquee, Word Hunt: A Puzzle Game, VIC Timepiece, The Beginner's Corner: Learning To Program In BASIC, Commodore Classics: Quickfind, Power BASIC: 64 Paddle Reader Routine, Machine Language For Beginners: A Hidden World, Hints & Tips: Accelerated IFs, Enlivening Programs With Sound, Using Joysticks On The 64: A BASIC Tutorial, The Editor's Notes, Gazette Feedback, COMPUTE!s Gazette Author Guide, Simple Answers To Common Questions, VICreations, 64 Explorer, News & Products, A Beginner's Guide To Typing In Programs, How To Type In COMPUTE!'s Gazette Programs, Program Listings, Product Mart, Advertisers Index

August 1983 August 1983 - Issue 2, Vol. 1, No. 2
Your First Hour With A Computer, Should You Join A Users Group?, A Guide To Commodore Users Groups, New Products For Commodore At Comdex/Spring, The Viper, Cylon Zap, Inside View: Programmer Jeff Minter, Review: Vanilla Pilot For VIC And 64, Review: Kickman For Commodore 64, Review: Frogger For The 64, Review: VIC Music Composer, Computing For Kids: Build A Computer Friend, VIC/64 Mailing List, Computing For Grownups: Revolution In The Nursery, Wordspell, Global Scan For VIC And 64, Machine Language For Beginners: The Easy Way, Hints & Tips: VIC Title Screens, Commodore 64 Hi-Res Graphics Made Simple, The Four-Speed Brake, Disk Menu, Power BASIC: Using A 1540 Disk Drive & Commodore 64, The Beginner's Corner: Playing Computer Music, The Editor's Notes, Gazette Feedback, COMPUTE!'s Gazette Author Guide, Simple Answers To Common Questions, HOTWARE: This Month's Best Sellers, VICreations, 64 Explorer, News & Products, A Beginner's Guide To Typing In Programs, How To Type In COMPUTE!'s Gazette Programs, Program Listings, Product Mart, Advertisers Index

September 1983 - Issue 3, Vol. 1, No. 3
Telecomputing Today, Telecomputing Glossary, Commodore's Nationwide Party Line, Commodore Bulletin Boards, News From The Summer Consumer Electronics Show: More Software- Lower Prices, Demon Star For VIC And 64, Potholes, Inside View: Programmer Jim Connelley, Review: Terminal-40 For VIC, Review: VICmodem For VIC And 64, Computing For Kids: A Robot Inside Your Computer, Checkbook Reporter, States & Capitals Tutor For VIC & 64, MiniTerm-20, TeleTerm 64, The Beginner's Corner: POKEing Graphics, Machine Language For Beginners, Power BASIC: 64 Searcher, Hints & Tips: Better Commodore INPUT, Using The Function Keys: A BASIC Tutorial, The Editor's Notes, Gazette Feedback, Simple Answers To Common Questions, HOTWARE: This Month's Best Sellers, VICreations: Understanding Random Numbers, 64 Explorer: Single-Drive Disk Copying- Part 2, A Beginner's Guide To Typing In Programs, How To Type In COMPUTE!'s Gazette Programs, Program Listings, Bug Swatter: Modifications & Corrections, Product Mart, Advertisers Index

October 1983 - Issue 4, Vol. 1, No. 4
The Anatomy of Computers, Telegaming Today And Tomorrow, Commodore's Public Domain Programs, Oil Tycoon, Re-Beep, Product Reviews, Aardvark Attack, Word Match, A SHIFTy Solution: The WAIT Command, Program Transfers, Machine Language For Beginners: Improved Paddle Reader Routine, How To Use Tape And Disk Files, Understanding 64 Sound: Part 1, Speeding Up The VIC, Simple Answers To Common Questions, HOTWARE, Horizons 64: Improving 64 Video Quality, VICreations: Using The VIC's Clock, News & Products

November 1983 - Issue 5, Vol. 1, No. 5
Computer Graphics - The Age Of Electronic Art, The Inner World Of Computers- Part 1: Binary Numbers, Getting Started With A Disk Drive- Part 1: The Basics, Inside View: Programmers Dale Disharoon & Jim Bach, Chicken Little, Martian Prisoner, Review: Colorcraft Graphics Animator For VIC & 64, Review: VIC Preschool Software, Review: Four Tronix Games For VIC And 64, Review: Rat Hotel For VIC-20, Computing For Kids: There's A Creature In My Computer!, Munchmath, VIC Super Expander Graphics, 64 Aardvark Attack, 64 Timepiece, Connect The Dots, Introduction To Custom Characters For VIC And 64, How To Make Custom Characters On The 64, How To Make Custom Characters On The VIC, VIC/64 Program Lifesaver, Understanding Sound On The 64: Part 2, Merging Programs On The 64, The Beginner's Corner: DATA, READ, And RESTORE Statements, One-Touch Commands For The 64, Power BASIC: VIC/64 Disk Defaulter, Machine Language For Beginners: The Assembler, The Editor's Notes, Gazette Feedback, Simple Answers To Common Questions, HOTWARE: This Month's Best Sellers, VICreations: Animating With Custom Characters, Horizons: 64, News & Products, The Automatic Proofreader, Bug Swatter: Modifications & Corrections, How To Type In COMPUTE!'s Gazette Programs, A Beginner's Guide To Typing In Programs, Program Listings, Product Mart, Advertisers Index

December 1983 - Issue 6, Vol. 1, No. 6
A Survival Guide For Beginners, Telecommuting: Dawn Of The Electronic Cottage, The Inner World Of Computers- Part 2: Why Computers Are Logical, Getting Started With A Disk Drive- Part 2: First Steps, MLX: Machine Language Entry Program For Commodore 64, Inside View: John Doering- The Programmer Behind Pipes, Spike: All-Machine-Language Game For Commodore 64, Space Duel, Bowling Champ, Saucer Shooter For VIC-20, Review: VIC/64 Rabbit, Review: Busicalc For VIC And 64, Review: Ski-er 64, Review: Mini Jini For VIC And 64, Review: Key Quest For VIC-20, Budget Planner, The Note Name Game, Computing For Kids: Your Wish Is My Command, Spelling Bee, Educational Games: A Kid's View, Disk File Manager, VIC Music Writer, Thinking, VIC Billboard, The Beginner's Corner: Computer Choreography, Tricks For Saving Memory, Machine Language For Beginners: Safe Places, Easy Screen Formatting, Hints & Tips: Using The Period For Extra Speed, Power BASIC: Foolproof INPUT For VIC And 64, Sprites Made Easy, Sprite Creation On The 64, The Editor's Notes, Gazette Feedback, HOTWARE: A Look At This Month's Best Sellers, Simple Answers To Common Questions, VICreations: Custom Characters On The Expanded VIC, Horizons: 64, News & Products, A Beginner's Guide To Typing In Programs, How To Type In COMPUTE!'s Gazette Programs, The Automatic Proofreader, The Bug Swatter: Modifications & Corrections, Program Listings, Product Mart, Advertisers Index

January 1984 - Issue 7, Vol. 2, No. 1
Word Processing In The Home, SpeedScript Word Processor For VIC and 64, The Inner World Of Computers Part 3 - How A Computer Remembers, Getting Started With A Disk Drive Part 3 - More Disk Commands, Inside View: Marion Taylor- The Programmer Behind Touch Typing Tutor, Cave-In For VIC-20, Hardhat Climber, Tetracrystals Of Veluria, Canyon Cruiser, Review: Children's Educational Games, REVIEW: Computer Baseball and Ringside Seat For Commodore 64, Computing For Families: New Family Learning Games, 64 Electronic Notepad, Alpha-Shoot, The Beginner's Corner: Built-In Functions, Graph Plotter, Machine Language For Beginners: Addressing, 64 BASIC Aid, LIST Freezer, Hints & Tips: Centering VIC Screens, The Editor's Notes, Gazette Feedback, HOTWARE: This Month's Best Sellers, Simple Answers To Common Questions, Horizons: 64, VICreations: Using The Dynamic Keyboard, News & Products, Bug Swatter: Modifications & Corrections, How To Type In COMPUTE!'s Gazette Programs, A Beginner's Guide To Typing In Programs, The Automatic Proofreader, MLX - Machine Language Entry For The Commodore 64 and VIC-20, Program Listings, Product Mart, Advertisers Index

February 1984 February 1984 - Issue 8, Vol. 2, No. 2
"Bits and Bytes": PBS's New Computer Series, The Inner World Of Computers: Part 4: The Inside Story, Getting Started with a Disk Drive -- Part 4: Data Files, Top 40: Comparing The Software And Record Industries, Inside View: Steve Punter-The Programmer Behind WordPro, Haunted Mansion, Astro-PANIC!, React, Checkers, Review: Fourth Encounter, Review: Suspended, Review: Cassette Interface, Review: Attack Of The Phantom Karate Devils, Computing For Families: The New King Of The Mountain, Speed Reader, Typing Derby, VIC Piano, Cassette Cataloger, Homonym Practice, Multicolor Character Generator for VIC-20, Machine Language for Beginners: Tapping into BASIC, The Beginner's Corner: String Variables and Functions, How To Use Arrays, Power BASIC: Auto Line Numbering, The Editor's Notes, Gazette Feedback, Simple Answers To Common Questions, HOTWARE: A Look At This Month's Best Sellers, Horizons: 64, VICreations: A Window Into The VIC-20, News & Products, A Beginners Guide To Typing In Programs, How To Type In COMPUTE!'s Gazette Programs, The Automatic Proofreader, MLX: Machine Language Entry Program For Commodore 64 & VIC-20, The Bug Swatter: Modifications & Corrections, Product Mart, Program Listings, COMPUTE!'s Gazette For Commodore Author Guide, Advertisers Index

March 1984 March 1984 - Issue 9, Vol. 2, No. 3
The Electronic Castle: Managing Your Home With Your Computer, The Database As A Home Information Center, Inside View: Dieter Demmer, The Programmer Behind Delphi's Oracle, Getting Started With A Disk Drive -- Part 5: Questions And Answers, The Inner World Of Computers, Part 5: Small Is Beautiful, A Guide To Commodore User Groups: Part 1, Cut-Off!: All Machine Language Game For Commodore 64 and VIC-20, Trenchfire, Poker, Review: Data Manager, Review: Purple Turtles, Review: COMvoice, Review: Seafox, Computing For Families: Computer Show And Tell, Tree Tutor For Tots, Guess America! For 64, Sea Route To India: A Historical Simulation For The 64, Machine Language For Beginners: Double Decker, Making More Readable Listings, Power BASIC: ASCII/POKE Printer, Dynamic SAVE, Hints & Tips: Printing Tables, VICreations: The Indexer

April 1984 April 1984 - Issue 10, Vol. 2, No. 4
Commodore's New Computer Family: News From The Winter Consumer Electronics Show, Robots: The New Mobile Computers, How To Start A User Group, A Guide To Commodore User Groups, Part 2, Some Answers From Commodore: A Conversation With Myrddin Jones, Nevets, Bingo 64, Review: Edumate Light Pen, Review: In The Chips, Review: Beach-Head, Review: Lunar Leeper and Cannonball Blitz, Computing For Families: Albert Zap-Won't You Please Come Home?, Making Calendars, French Tutor, The Beginner's Corner: Match-Em, Little Known BASIC Commands, Tankmania: Adding A Second Joystick To The VIC, Hints & Tips: Finding Incorrect DATA Statements, Variable Storage: A Beginner's Tour Of BASIC RAM, Machine Language For Beginners: Talking To A Disk, POWER BASIC: Numeric Keypad, Quick Fix For Color RAM: A Fast And Easy Way To Avoid 'Invisible Characters', VICreations: VIC Chip Utility, Horizons 64

May 1984 May 1984 - Issue 11, Vol. 2, No. 5 disk
Exploring 64 Sound, Inside View: Will Harvey, The Programmer Behind Music Construction Set, SpeedScript Revisited, Sound Sculptor For The 64, Props, Mind Boggle, Super Sprite, Review: Knights Of The Desert Fox, Review: CodeWriter, Review: Commodore 1650 Automodem, Computing For Families: New Standards For Home Learning-Part 1, Memo Writer, Fast Add, Ski Physics, The Beginner's Corner: Teaching Music With Computers, Hints & Tips: Speeding Up BASIC, Cassette Beeper, Machine Language For Beginners: Mods And Bombs, Sound Story, Joystick Control For The 64, Print Sound For The VIC-20, Power BASIC: Step Lister, VICreations: Sound On The VIC-20

June 1984 June 1984 - Issue 12, Vol. 2, No. 6 disk
The Future Of Computer Games: Software That Thinks For Itself, Inside View: The Designers Behind M.U.L.E., 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe, Castle Dungeon, Revenge Of Cyon, The Frantic Fisherman, Review: Arcade-Style Games For The VIC-20, Review: EasyScript, Review: Worms?, Review: IFR (Flight Simulator), Computing For Families: New Standards For Home Learning-Part 2, Therapy, Spelling Critter, Shape Match, Word Scramble, The Beginner's Corner: Planning A Game Program, Inside Random Numbers, PowerBASIC: One-Touch Keywords, Machine Language For Beginners: Indirect Addressing, File Copier, Hints & Tips: Appending Sequential Disk Files, Scroll 64, Tape Data Files, VIC 5K Emulator, Tape Protection, All About PRINT, VICreations: Software For The VIC, User Group Update

July 1984 July 1984 - Issue 13, Vol. 2, No. 7 disk
In Touch With Your Computer: Graphics Tablets And Light Pens, Inside View: The Designer Behind The Gibson Light Pen, Ultrafont +, Beekeeper, Bonking Barrels, Space Patrol, Review: Gridrunner II, Review: Flexidraw, Review: International Soccer, Computing For Families: In Search Of A "Software" Michael Jackson, Robot Math, Commodore's New Speech Module: Magic Or Technology?, The Beginner's Corner: Quilt Squares, Machine Language For Beginners: What Is Machine Language?, Power BASIC: Color Chart, Hints & Tips: Rescuing Programs From Tape Load Errors, User Group Update, Home Telecommunications: Downloading

August 1984 August 1984 - Issue 14, Vol. 2, No. 8 disk
An Introduction To Plotters, A Survey Of Printers For The VIC-20 And Commodore 64, Selecting A Printer Interface, Campaign Manager, Sprite Magic: An All Machine Language Sprite Editor, Balloon Blitz, Sno-Cat, Review: Commodore 1520 Printer/Plotter, Review: VIC Auto Clock, Review: Bus Card II: The Magic Box, Review: Music Writer III, Computing For Families: What Makes Good Software?, Hints & Tips: 64 LIST Lockup, The Beginner's Corner: Using A Printer, Machine Language For Beginners: ML Mailbag, Power BASIC: String Search, Disk Purge, Error Trapping, Using The GET Statement, Home Telecommunications: Uploading, VICreations: Enhancing Your VIC With The Super Expander

September 1984 September 1984 - Issue 15, Vol. 2, No. 9 disk
Summer Consumer Electronics Show, Inside View: The Designers Behind Movie Maker, 80 Columns For The 64, SpeedScript Customizer, Review: Three Arcade Games For The VIC-20, Review: CodePro-64, Mystery At Marple Manor, Treasure Hunt, Computing For Families: Micro Worlds For Young Children, Learning To Count, Beginner's Corner: A Simplified Inventory, Machine Language For Beginners: First Questions, Hints & Tips: IF-THEN, Logic, And Flags, Disk Tricks, Hexed By Numbers, Animating The VIC, Power BASIC: Screen Headliner, Cursor GET, Home Telecommunications: The Electronic Cafe, VICreations: Simulating Hi-Res Animation

October 1984 October 1984 - Issue 16, Vol. 2, No. 10 disk
New Directions In Educational Software, Inside View: Tom Snyder, Educational Software Developer, How GAZETTE Readers Are Using Their Computers, Review: Software Disk Alignment For The 1541, Review: Two Flight Simulators For The 64, Review: Calc Result, Review: Write Now!, Trek, The Tomb, Cabby, Computing For Families: A Journey Through The Land Of The Buddy-Bots, Quiz Master, Vocab Builder, VIC Music Tutor, Turtle Graphics Interpreter, First Aid, BASIC Magic: Getting Comfortable With The Print Statement, Machine Language For Beginners: Loops And Branches, Teaching Your Computer English, Power BASIC: Hi-Res Screen Dump, Hints & Tips: Recovering Scratched Programs, Home Telecommunications: All The Fun That's Fit To Print, VICreations: Simulating Hi-Res Animation- Part 2

November 1984 November 1984 - Issue 17, Vol. 2, No. 11 disk
Bulletin Board Fever, A Buyer's Guide To Modems, GAZETTE Telecommunications Software Part 1: C/G Term, Inside View: Free Fall Associates, Review: EasyDisk, Review: MusiCalc, Review: Adventure Creator, Review: Drol and Spare Change, Mini-Review: Raid On Bungeling Bay, Mini-Review: PuzzlePanic, Mini-Review: Gumball, Mini-Review: 64-Accounting, Mini-Review: Montezuma's Revenge, Mini-Review: Satan's Hollow, Bagdad, Jump, Supertank, Descent To Kaylon, Computing For Families: A Look At New Books From "Reggie" D'Ignazio, Budgeteer, BASIC Magic: The Four Most Important BASIC Commands, Machine Language For Beginners: Getting Started, Power BASIC: Slowpoke, Hints & Tips: Creating Program Listing Files, Programming Sound And Graphics With The Super Expander 64, Function Key, Disk Auto Load, VICreations: VIC Mailbag

December 1984 December 1984 - Issue 18, Vol. 2, No. 12 disk
What If...? The Popularity of Strategy Games, Electronic Trivia, Inside View: Byron Preiss and Ronald Martinez-Trillium Software Designers, GAZETTE Telecommunications Software Part 2: C/G Bulletin Board System, Review: Microfiler, Review: NATO Commander, Review: Road To Moscow, Mini-Review: The Castles Of Dr. Creep, Mini-Review: Dragon's Keep and Troll's Tale, Mini-Review: Rug Rider, Mini-Review: Impossible Mission, Cosmic Combat, 3-D Labyrinth, Computing For Families: An Adventure In Telecommunications, Word Guess, Letter Attack, Programming Commodore's Magic Voice, BASIC Magic: A Christmas Assortment, Machine Language for Beginners: Customizing, Hints & Tips: The Keyboard Funnel, Auto Line, Power BASIC: Time Clock, Cassette Index, Disk/Tape Backup, VICreations -- Key Memory Locations

January 1985 January 1985 - Issue 19, Vol. 3, No. 1 disk
The Move Toward Integrated Software, Inside View: Bruce Artwick-The Designer Behind Flight Simulator II, A Window to the World: Modems in the Home, Review: Seven Cities Of Gold, Review: Childpace, Mini-Review: Rockney Disk Utilities, Mini-Review: The Voice Messenger, Mini-Review: Tapper, Mini-Review: Mancopter, Trap 'Em, Chomper, Kablam!, Computing For Families: A Visit With Sweetums The Ogre, VIC Math Dungeon, Magazine Indexer, BASIC Magic: Using Variables In 1985, Hints & Tips: Double Duty Variables, Machine Language For Beginners: ML Mailbag, Debugging BASIC-Part 1, Power BASIC: Stop And Go, Baker's Dozen-Part 1, Disk Merge, Tiny MLX, C/G BBS

February 1985 February 1985 - Issue 20, Vol. 3, No. 2 disk
Commodore 64 Music For Non-Musicians, Inside View: Ryo Kawasaki, Review: Sight & Sound Music Software, Review: The Factory and The Pond, Mini-Review: Eliza, Mini-Review: Zenji, Mini-Review: VIP Terminal, Mini-Review: London Blitz, Mini-Review: Breakdance, The Forbidden Crypt, Cypher, Computing For Families: The Computer Piano Teacher, Address File, Name That Note, VIC Quiz Generator, BASIC Magic: Beginning Computer Math, Hints & Tips: Disk Lock, Machine Language For Beginners: Self-Modifying Programs, Power BASIC: Color Swap, Debugging BASIC: Part 2, Line Number Cross Reference, Baker's Dozen: Part 2

March 1985 March 1985 - Issue 21, Vol. 3, No. 3 disk
The Peripheral Connection: Enhancing Your 64, Peripherals Of The Future, Commodore Peripheral Ports, Inside View: David Crane-The Designer Behind Ghostbusters, Review: Microsoft Multiplan, Mini-Review: Microleague Baseball, Mini-Review: U.S. Adventure, Mini-Review: Up n' Down, Mini-Review: Guitar Master, Mini-Review: Eliza, Heat Seeker, Digger, Computing For Families: "Easy-Play" Computer Peripherals For The Family, Alpha Anxiety, AVAIL, BASIC Magic: Computer Math for Beginners, Machine Language For Beginners: Memory, Hints & Tips: Abbreviated Printer Codes, Power BASIC: Quick Character Transfer, Baker's Dozen: Part 3, Disk Directory Sort, Disk Handler

April 1985 April 1985 - Issue 22, Vol. 3, No. 4 disk
The Winter Consumer Electronics Show: New Life In The Home Computer Market, What is CP/M?, CES Perspective: Much More For The 64, Inside View: Douglas Adams and Steve Meretzky-Designers Behind The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Review: Dream House, Review: Sargon III, Review: Turbo 64, Review: Stealth, Review: Mind Prober, Review: Financial Cookbook, Review: Reach For The Stars, Review: Seastalker, Pool, Apple Hunt, Astro-PANIC! For the VIC, Computing For Families: The World of Mimi The Ant, Number Quest, Hints & Tips: Programmer's Notebook, Power BASIC: Triple 64, BASIC Magic: Putting Computer Math To Work For You, Machine Language For Beginners: Customizing BASIC, No-Zap: Automatic Program Saver, 1526 Hi-Res Screen Dump, MetaBASIC: Programmer's Problem Solver

May 1985 May 1985 - Issue 23, Vol. 3, No. 5 disk
Telecommunications Step-By-Step, Telegaming, A Guide To Commodore User Groups-Part 1, Review: The Cosmic Balance, Review: Letter-Go-Round, Review: Riteman R 64 And C+ Dot-Matrix Printers, Review: Monty Plays Scrabble, The Enchanted Journey, Alien Armada, Charlemagne's Sword, Jogger's Log, Computing For Families: Real World Software-Part 1, BASIC Magic: The Hidden Magic Of String Functions, Machine Language For Beginners: Getting And Sending, Understanding Sorts, Power BASIC: Searchlight, Hints & Tips: Password Protection For BASIC Programs

June 1985 June 1985 - Issue 24, Vol. 3, No. 6 disk
Inside The 128: A Hands-On Look At Commodore's Newest Computer, Commodore LCD Lap Portable Update, An Interview With Paul Goheen-Commodore's Software Director, The Prose And The Parser: How Writers See Games, A Guide To Commodore User Groups-Part 2, Review: Bank Street Writer, Review: Allegro, Review: Sky Travel, Review: Raid Over Moscow, The Freeze Factory, Squares, Computing For Families: Real World Software-Part 2, Character Assassination, BASIC Magic: GOTO And GOSUB, Machine Language For Beginners: ML Mailbag, Dynamic SID Editor, Hints & Tips: Screen Assistant, Screen-40, Relative Files: Speed And Economy, Power BASIC: Tape Program Rescue

July 1985 July 1985 - Issue 25, Vol. 3, No. 7 disk
A Buyer's Guide to Printers, The Turbo Loaders: High Speed For Tape And Disk, TurboTape, TurboDisk, Review: Weather Tamers, Review: MPS-802 and MPS-803 Printers, Review: Video Basic-64, Sleuth, Space Gallery, Computing For Families: Our Robot Hotel, BASIC Magic: A Matter Of Time, Machine Language For Beginners: Welcome To The Nightmare, Hints & Tips: Quick Search, Zounds!- Part 1, Easy Load, Power BASIC: Disk Title Changer

August 1985 August 1985 - Issue 26, Vol. 3, No. 8 disk
Digital Designs: The Future of Computer Graphics, Review: The Music Shop, Review: Felony, Space Dock, Computing For Families: A Visit To Eric's Classroom, Hints & Tips: BASIC Shortcuts, BASIC Magic: The Art Of Repetition In BASIC, Machine Language For Beginners: Crossing, Mixing Text And Hi-Res Graphics, Crunch, Zounds!-Part 2, Creating Hi-Res Graphics On The 64, Hi-Res Toolbox, ReDisk

September 1985 September 1985 - Issue 27, Vol. 3, No. 9 disk
The New Commodore Amiga: A Hands-On Report, Amiga Software: Something For Everyone, The Summer Consumer Electronics Show: Beyond the Shakeout, CES Perspective: The End Of The Tap Dance, Review: F-15 Strike Eagle, Review: On-Court Tennis, Review: Cave of the Word Wizard, Review: B.C. II: Grog's Revenge, Review: Legionnaire, Review: Adventure Writer, Review: Dialog, Review: The ELF System, Review: Chipwits, Mini-Review: White Lightning, Mini-Review: Racing Destruction Set, Mini-Review: Six-Gun Shootout, Mini-Review: Wishbringer, Mini-Review: Competition Karate, Mini-Review: Summer Games II, Mini-Review: Tales Of Me, Maze-Mania, Tracker, Friendly Alien, Computing For Families: In Search of the Computer Sandbox-Part 1, Weather Prophet, BASIC Magic: Drawing Lines and Borders, Hints & Tips: Recycling Selected DATA Statements, Power BASIC: QuickScan, Machine Language For Beginners: From Machine Language to BASIC, Printer Wedge, Zounds!-Part 3, TinyTerm for the 1650 Automodem, VIC Emulator, Horizons: Programming The 128

October 1985 October 1985 - Issue 28, Vol. 3, No. 10 disk
The Innovative School: Putting Computers to Good Use, Commodore In Education, Picking The Right Printer, C: Language Of The Future?, Review: The Evelyn Wood Dynamic Reader, Review: PROMAL, Review: The Argos Expedition, Review: Know Your Own IQ/Know Your Own Personality, Review: Donald Duck's Playground, Mini-Review: Paperback Writer 64, Mini-Review: Super Bowl Sunday, Mini-Review: Phantasie, The Farm Game, Turnabout, Atom Shoot, Gradebook, Computing For Families: In Search of the Computer Sandbox -- Part 2, Power BASIC: USR Joystick Reader, X Basic, Automatic Syntax Checker, Kaleidoscope, BASIC Magic: Taking Center Stage With Screen Titles, Hints & Tips: Problem Solvers, Machine Language For Beginners: The Creature in its Cage, The Editor's Notes, Gazette Feedback, User Group Update, Simple Answers to Common Questions, Horizons: The Operating System, How to Type in COMPUTE!'S Gazette Programs, Automatic Proofreader, MLX: Machine Language Entry Program

November 1985 November 1985 - Issue 29, Vol. 3, No. 11 disk
CD-ROMs: The Ultimate Database, Anatomy of a Spreadsheet, Getting The Most Out Of Your Printer, Review: Field of Fire, Review: Homewriter 10 Printer, Review: Project-Space Station, Review: Carriers at War, Review: Mickey's Space Adventure, Mini-Review: Adventure Construction Set, Mini-Review: The Sea Voyagers, Mini-Review: Rescue On Fractalus!, Mini-Review: Colonial Conquest, Mini-Review: HOMEBASE, Mini-Review: Show Director, Backgammon, Power Poker, Chicken Catcher, 64 Music Maker, Computing For Families: Gobbledygook Processing, Exploring 128 BASIC, Power BASIC: Screen Customizer, Auto File, Preview-80 for SpeedScript, Disk Encoder, Digi-Clock, BASIC Magic: More About Screen Titles, Machine Language For Beginners: ML Mailbag, Hints & Tips: 64 Disk Boot for BASIC Programs, Horizons: A New Data Storage Device

December 1985 December 1985 - Issue 30, Vol. 3, No. 12 disk
New Approaches to Computer Games: Designers With a Difference, Building Your Own Games, Games at the Speed of Light, The Videodisk Connection, Review: Epson HI-80 Plotter, Review: Calc Now!, Review: Charles Goren-Learning Bridge Made Easy, Review: The Halley Project -- A Mission in our Solar System, Review: Omniwriter/Omnispell, Review: International Hockey, Mini-Review: Charlie Brown's ABC's, Mini-Review: XPER, Mini-Review: Karate Champ, Mini-Review: Winter Games, Whirlybird, Quickchange, Dragon's Den, Banners, The Construction Set, Computing For Families: Is Programming Dead?, SpeedCheck: Word Processor Spelling Checker, Power BASIC: List Pager, Variable Saver, Hints & Tips: Loading and Saving, Soundpix, Disk File Archiver, Auto Time and Date, Soft Write Protector for Disks, Trackmouse, Machine Language for Beginners: ML Mailbag, BASIC Magic: A Holiday Lesson For New Computer Owners, Horizons: The Talking Computer

January 1986 January 1986 - Issue 31, Vol. 4, No. 1 disk
The Commodore 64's Other Languages, A Buyer's Guide to Commodore 64 Languages, The Natural Approach to Computer Languages, Languages of Convenience, Review: Soundchaser Keyboard and MacMusic, Review: S'More, Review: Operation Market Garden and Kampfgruppe, Review: Stunt Flyer, Review: Fast Tracks, Review: Keys to Responsible Driving, Mini-Review: Cadpack-64, Mini-Review: Temple of Apshai Trilogy, Mini-Review: Decision in the Desert, Mini-Review: Actionauts, Mini-Review: The Original Boston Computer Diet, Mini-Review: Spy Vs. Spy II -- The Island Caper, Mini-Review: Star Rank Boxing, Mini-Review: Halley's Comet, Space Arena, Face Off, The New MLX, BASIC Magic: Using That New Disk Drive You Got For Christmas, Hints & Tips: The Power of SYS, Machine Language For Beginners: Blanketing Memory, Sprint: A Compiler for the 64, The Fast Assembler, Programming Music and Sound on the 128, BASIC Backup, Power BASIC: The Printmaker, BASIC Windows, REM Highlighter, Disk Disassembler, Off-Screen Trace, Computing For Families: Smart Power Tools -- A Peek Inside The Black Box, Horizons: Another Look at C

February 1986 February 1986 - Issue 32, Vol. 4, No. 2 disk
Beyond the 1541: Mass Storage for the 64 and 128, The Well-Connected Computer: Using Commodore 64 Peripherals on the 128, 128 Update: An Improved CP/M, Review: Heart Of Africa, Review: Hardball, Review: Silent Service -- The Submarine Simulation, Review: WordWriter 128, Review: Super Huey, Mini-Review: Panzer Grenadier, Mini-Review: The Fourth Protocol, Mini-Review: The Dolphin's Rune -- A Poetic Odyssey, Mini-Review: Ballblazer, Kicker, Lexitron, BASIC Magic: Understanding Device Numbers, Machine Language For Beginners: Exploring the 128's Monitor, Snapshot, Commodore 128 Memory Map: Important Locations, Disk Editor, Hints & Tips: Disk or Tape?, Power BASIC: Blink Mode on Commodore Machines, Custom Labels, Mini-Filer, Disk Commands on the 128, The New Automatic Proofreader, Horizons: Emulating The Amiga, Computing For Families: Homework Helpers

March 1986 March 1986 - Issue 33, Vol. 4, No. 3 disk
What's New Online For Commodore, The Commodore SIG, A Buyer's Guide to Modems, Review: Movie Maker, Review: Perry Mason -- The Case of the Mandarin Murder, Review: Dambusters, Review: Fighter Command, Review: Spellbreaker, Review: Touchdown Football, Survivor, Shifter, Computing For Families: Storytelling to Read, Number Construction Kit, Hints & Tips: Timesavers, BASIC Magic: String Variables in READ and DATA Statements, Machine Language For Beginners: Machine Maps, Power BASIC: Keyboard to Joystick Converter, The Coordinator, Storage and Display: Using Peripherals with the 128, ASCII Teleconverter, Cataloger, VICDump, 128 Auto Boot, Clavier 64

April 1986 April 1986 - Issue 34, Vol. 4, No. 4 disk
The Winter Consumer Electronics Show, Five Steps to the Right Printer, A Buyer's Guide to Printers, Review: Paperback Writer 128/64, Review: Elite, Review: Ultima 4 -- Quest of the Avatar, Review: Little Computer People, Mini-Review: Fight Night, Mini-Review: Homework Helper -- Writing And Homework Helper -- Math Word Problems, Mini-Review: Maps U.S.A., Dunk, Turbo Copy, All About CP/M on the 128, Directory Filer, Windows on the 128, BASIC Magic: Numeric Variables in READ and DATA Statements, Hints & Tips: Dice and Double PEEKs, Computing for Families: The Steven Spielberg of the 21st Century, Power BASIC: Input Windows, Machine Language For Beginners: Cracking The Kernal

May 1986 May 1986 - Issue 35, Vol. 4, No. 5 disk
Musicians Meet Computers, An Interview with Jan Hammer: The Music of Miami Vice, Computers and MIDI, A Guide to Commodore User Groups -- Part 1, Review: The Newsroom, Review: Stickybear -- Reading, Spelling, and Math, Review: Elidon, Review: Algorhythmic Composer, Review: Europe Ablaze, Mini-Review: SkiWriter, Mini-Review: Firebird's "Flippies", Mini-Review: The Great International Paper Airplane Construction Kit, Mini-Review: Grover's Animal Adventures, Arcade Baseball, Vampyre Hunter, Klondike, Read-A-Tune, Computing For Families: A Robot is a Girl's Best Friend, Hints & Tips: New Ways to Use Variables, Super Synth, Word Counter, Coder/Decoder, Double Load, BASIC Magic: One-Dimensional Arrays, Power BASIC: Blick, Machine Language For Beginners: By the Numbers, Horizons: A BASIC 7.0 Compiler

June 1986 June 1986 - Issue 36, Vol. 4, No. 6 disk
GEOS: The Quiet Revolution, The Evolution of Commodore Graphics, A Guide to Commodore User Groups -- Part 2, Review: The Bard's Tale, Review: Ballyhoo, Review: Jet, Review: Battle of Antietam, Review: Leader Board, Review: Votalker Speech Synthesizer, Star Dragon, Predictor, Switcheroo, Solarpix, Computing For Families: My Favorite Robots, Hints & Tips: A Little More Speed, MonoTones, Quick Key, 64 AutoBoot Maker, Power BASIC: Help Screens, SpeedScript-80 for the 128, BASIC Magic: Arrays in the Next Dimension, Machine Language for Beginners: More Math, FontMaker, Horizons: Thanks for the Memory

July 1986 July 1986 - Issue 37, Vol. 4, No. 7 disk
The Smart Home, Compact Disc-Interactive: Laser Technology Move into the Home, Review: Out-Think, Review: The Information Connection, Review: SuperScript, Review: The Body in Focus, Review: Paul Whitehead Teaches Chess, Mini-Review: The Goonies and Zorro, Mini-Review: Super BoulderDash, Saloon Shootout, Queens' Quarrel, Meteor Strike, Math Worksheet, Marquee, Budget Planner, Computing For Families: When High Tech Talks Back, Sound Designer for the 128, Artimation, Sequential File Editor, A Hands-On Introduction to 128 CP/M, CP/M Public Domain Software, 64 Mode Speed Up for the 128, Keyload, Hi-Res Dump, BASIC Magic: An "Adventurous" Array, Machine Language For Beginners: Writing Games in Machine Language, Hints & Tips: Saving Disk Directories, Power BASIC: 64 RAM Disk, Horizons: Putting on a Good Face

August 1986 August 1986 - Issue 38, Vol. 4, No. 8 disk
The C64: A New Look for an Old Friend, An Introduction to Assemblers for the Commodore 64 and 128, Programming the Z80, Review: Golden Oldies -- Vol. 1, Review: RadarBASIC 50K, Review: Lords of Conquest, Review: Garry Kitchen's GameMaker, Review: Cantus -- The Music Improvisor, Slots, Chopper 1, Pirate Cove, Address Cataloger, Computing For Families: Computers and the AudioVisual Imagination, Expandable Graphics Dump, Machine Language For Beginners: Turning a BASIC Arcade Game into Machine Language, TurboDisk 64, TurboDisk Relocator, Turbo Bootmaker, Turbodisk 128, Boldface, KeyDef, 128 Sprite Rotator, Kaleidoscope Revisited, Power BASIC: BASIC Line Extender, Hints & Tips: Simulating PRINT-AT and APPEND, Horizons: What is a Raster Interrupt?

September 1986 September 1986 - Issue 39, Vol. 4, No. 9 disk
The Summer Consumer Electronics Show, Ultrafont +, Review: Vorpal Utility Kit, Review: ACE -- Air Combat Emulator, Review: Stickybear Typing Tutor and Stickybear Town Builder, Review: Bike Hike -- Pipeline -- Math in a Nutshell, Review: GBA Championship Basketball -- Two-On-Two, Jujitsu, Cell Runner, Eagles and Gators, Video Jigsaw, Computing For Families: Vancouver 1986 -- Distance is a State of Mind, Power BASIC: Sound Off, Window Wizard, Fast File Copier, 80-Column Character Editor, DOS Window, Data Transformer for LADS, Auto Run, Commodore 128 Hi-Res Text Manipulation, Personalizing the 128, Hints & Tips: Fast Data Update, Machine Language for Beginners: An All Machine Language Game, Horizons: Garbage Collection

October 1986 October 1986 - Issue 40, Vol. 4, No. 10 disk
An Interview with Nigel Shepherd: General Manager of Commodore North America, The New Commodore Educational Software, Update on the Electronic University, Review: FSD-1 Disk Drive, Review: GATO, Review: Phantasie II, Review: The Keeper, Review: Gemini II Printer, Pig$ for Buck$, Persuasion, Ringside Karate, Math Attack, Computing For Families: Drum Suits Rhythm Sticks and Digital Pianos, ESCaping with the Commodore 128, Menu System, Directory Extension, Sequential File Converter for SpeedScript, Mastering 128 Sound and Music: Part 1, Power BASIC: Line Count, BASIC for Beginners: Learning the Language, Hints & Tips: Customized Input, Machine Language for Beginners: The First Steps, A Gateway to Machine Language, Horizons: Changing Your Computer's Personality

November 1986 November 1986 - Issue 41, Vol. 4, No. 11 disk
The Evolution of Program Design, An Introduction to Compilers, Review: Vizawrite Classic 128, Review: Nine Princes in Amber, Review: The Music System and The Advanced Music System, Review: Superbase 128, Bump-N-Run, Obstacle 128, Match Blox, BASIC for Beginners: The PRINT Statement, Machine Language for Beginners: A Practical Program, Fill-64, Power BASIC: 128 Instant Keywords, BASIC Examiner, Mastering 128 Sound and Music: Part 2, 64 Multitasker, 1526 Underliner, Polar Art, Draw 128, Turbo Format, Computing For Families: Something Fun for Teachers, Horizons: Elegant Programming

December 1986 December 1986 - Issue 42, Vol. 4, No. 12 disk
Sophisticated Simulations, A Buyer's Guide to Commodore 64 Simulation Software, The 64 as a Game Machine, Review: Partner 128, Review: Mystery! and Castles and Creatures, Review: Fontmaster II, Review: Vizastar 128, Review: Nam, Review: Ultimate Wizard, Q-Bird, Moon Rescue, Pegs, The Animals' Show, Computing For Families: The Roots of Learning, BASIC for Beginners: PRINT and INPUT, Video Setup: Part 1, Fast Hi-Res Screen Dump, Sprite Locater, Machine Language for Beginners: Customizing, Hints & Tips: Readable Listings, Bar Charter, Sprite Graph, 128 Quicksort, Mastering 128 Sound and Music: Part 3, Power BASIC: Program Mis-Matcher, Horizons: One-Screen Programs

January 1987 January 1987 - Issue 43, Vol. 5, No. 1 disk
Getting Started with Telecommunications Services, A Buyer's Guide To Modems, The Fundamentals of Downloading, Review: Battlefront, Review: Hacker II -- The Doomsday Papers, Review: Gettysburg -- The Turning Point, Review: Superscript 128, Decipede, Connect 'Em, Keyword Construction Set, Computing For Families: Beyond the Desktop -- New Metaphors for Computers, Hints & Tips: Screen Tricks, Mastering 128 Sound and Music: Part 4, Machine Language for Beginners: A Simple Magic, Video Setup: Part 2, One-Touch Function Keys, Icon Changer for GEOS, Medium-Resolution Graphics for the 64, Data-Aid, CP/M: Surviving with 40 Columns, Power BASIC: Information Please, BASIC for Beginners: All About Loops, Horizons: User Groups

February 1987 February 1987 - Issue 44, Vol. 5, No. 2 disk
Deciding on the Right Printer, A 1987 Buyer's Guide to Printers, Printing Commodore Graphics, Review: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Review: Macbeth, Review: PaperClip II, Review: Ace of Aces, Review: Transformers -- Battle to Save the Earth, Collision Course, Pick-A-Letter, Division Worksheet, Computing for Families: Light! Computers! Action!, Hints & Tips: Replacing Arrays, Power BASIC: Sanitation Engineer, MetaBASIC: The Programmer's Assistant, MetaBASIC 64, MetaBASIC Plus, MetaBASIC 128, Mastering 128 Sound and Music: Part 5, 128 DOS Wedge, Data Formatting on the 64, BASIC for Beginners: The IF-THEN, Machine Language for Beginners: ML Mailbag, Horizons: Art or Science?

March 1987 March 1987 - Issue 45, Vol. 5, No. 3 disk
The Commodore Graphics Connection, A Buyer's Guide To Commodore Graphics Programs, The Fundamentals of Commodore Graphics, Review: Commodore 1670 Modem, Review: Alter Ego and Mind Mirror, Review: Trinity, Tile Trader, Ringside Boxing, Color Craft, Computing for Families: Beyond the Desktop -- Soap Bubbles Forests and Hot-Air Balloons, RAM Expansion for the Commodore 128, Using RAM Expansion with CP/M, Text Sequencer, Sprite Manager, RAM Plus, CP/M PIP on the Commodore 128, Custom Keys, ROM Enhancer, Power BASIC: 128 Partitioner, BASIC for Beginners: More on IF-THEN, Machine Language for Beginners: ML Mailbag, Hints & Tips: Useful WAITs, Horizons: What Is Memory?

April 1987 April 1987 - Issue 46, Vol. 5, No. 4 disk
The 1987 Winter Consumer Electronics Show, Commodore Goes Cloning in the U.S., Commodore's New Amigas, Fine-Tuning the Software Market, Review: Tass Times in Tonetown, Review: Robot Rascals, Review: Roadwar 2000, Review: Certificate Maker, Review: I Am the C128, Omicron, Skidders, Improvisor, Computing for Families: My Seven-Year-Old Hacker, Print Shop to GEOS, The Versatile CIRCLE, Turbosave 128, Turbosave 64, Screen Mapper, LIST Formatter, Easy Disk LOAD and SAVE, Hints & Tips: A Simple Menu, BASIC for Beginners: GOTO and GOSUB, Machine Language for Beginners: Between BASIC and Machine Language, Power BASIC: Countdown Timer, Horizons: In Memory