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May 1987 May 1987 - Issue 47, Vol. 5, No. 5 disk
New Commodore Storage Devices, The Digital Voice: Speech Recognition and Sound Synthesis, Making the 64 Talk, SpeedScript 3.2 for the Commodore 64, A Guide to Commodore User Groups: Part 1, Review: Operation Terminal, Review: Thinking Cap, Review: Portal, Review: Gunship, Unscramble, Powerball, Cassette Sleeve Maker, Computing for Families: Computers and Learning -- Which Future for You?, SpeedSearch, SpeedScript Date and Time Stamper, ScriptRead, BASIC for Beginners: The Power of the ON Command, Machine Language for Beginners: Building Trampolines, Power BASIC: Easy ML Line Drawing, Hints & Tips: Time Savers, No-SYS Loader, Dazzlers, Fast Boot, Gameports: Joystick Paddle and Mouse, Horizons: Alphabetizing

June 1987 June 1987 - Issue 48, Vol. 5, No. 6 disk
The Evolution of Commodore BASIC, A Buyer's Guide to Programming Languages for the Commodore 64 and 128, A Guide to Commodore User Groups: Part 2, Review: TAS -- Technical Analysis System, Review: Starglider and Tracker, Review: Parallax, Review: Theatre Europe, Review: Deceptor and Desert Fox, Going Up?, Play Bingo, Fraction Practice, Computing for Families: Classrooms Without Walls -- School-to-School Telecommunications, Free-Form Filer, ML Base: Sorting and Searching Capabilities Added to BASIC, Directory Filer Plus, Disk Vacuum, Hi-Res Graphics on the 128: Part 1, BASIC for Beginners: The Advantages of GET, Machine Language for Beginners: Tools of the Trade, Power BASIC: Impatient INPUTs, Horizons: A Hard Disk Drive

July 1987 July 1987 - Issue 49, Vol. 5, No. 7 disk
A Buyer's Guide to Input Devices for the Commodore 64 and 128, GEOS Update: One Year Old and Growing Fast, Review: Bureaucracy, Review: Murder Party, Review: The Final Cartridge, Review: Killed Until Dead, Review: Buzzword, Basketball Sam & Ed, Squeeze, Calendar Maker, Computing for Families: Reader Rabbit Vs. Rambo, Alt-80 for the 128, Remedy: Crash Prevention for the 64, Easy Full-Screen Animation, 128 Graph Designer, The Power of Submit for CP/M, GEOS File Storage Format, Hi-Res Graphics on the 128: Part 2, BASIC for Beginners: Machine Language as BASIC, Power BASIC: Text Framer, Hints & Tips: BASIC Programming Hints, Horizons: The Readers' Turn

August 1987 August 1987 - Issue 50, Vol. 5, No. 8 disk
Commodore's 64 and 128: Marvelous Music Machines, Exploring the SID Chip, Review: Cadpak 128, Review: FSD-2 Excelerator Plus Disk Drive, Give 'N Take, Front Line, Bounty Hunter, Computing for Families: Recreational Computing in Wabash Valley Hospital, Sprite Magic, Power BASIC: Sprite Flip, Sprite Stamp, Multisprite, 80-Column Disk Sector Editor for the 128, Dynamusic, Commodore Relative Files: Defensive Programming, BASIC for Beginners: READ and DATA -- Two of a Kind, Machine Language for Beginners: Extra Assistance, RAM Usage on the Commodore 128, Horizons: Tricks Worth Remembering

September 1987 September 1987 - Issue 51, Vol. 5, No. 9 disk
The Summer Consumer Electronics Show, COMDEX: The Amiga 500 Heads for Home, Review: AlgeBlaster!, Review: Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?, Review: Speedterm 128, Review: The Writing Adventure, Review: Create With Garfield, Bee Zone, Sub Attack, Exercise Pacer, Computing for Families: Dr. J's Bulletin Board, Screen Maker, BASIC for Beginners: Using RESTORE and TAB, Hints & Tips: Easy Character Movement, Machine Language for Beginners: Using ROM, Power BASIC: DoublePrint, Impossible Scroll, Video Slide Show for the 128, SpeedSort, Program Appender, DOS Plus, Screen Dump Set for the 128, 80-Column Magic for the 128, Horizons: How to Program, The GEOS Column: Helpful Hints

October 1987 October 1987 - Issue 52, Vol. 5, No. 10 disk
Commodore Computers: An Overlooked Educational Opportunity, Computer Learning Month: October 1987, SpeedScript 128, Review: Fleet System 4, Review: Pirates!, Review: Russia, Review: BobsTerm Pro for the 128, Chopper Pilot, Schnip, Stars: An Astronomical Simulation, Number Please?, Computing for Families: What Me Worry?, BASIC for Beginners: Using Strings, Machine Language for Beginners: Debugging, Power BASIC: Fast Graphics Buffer, Font Printer, Directory Magic, Animator 64, The GEOS Column: GeoPuzzle -- Part 1, Horizons: Cricket Graphics

November 1987 November 1987 - Issue 53, Vol. 5, No. 11 disk
Computers at Work: Making Friends-Making Money-Making The Grade, Review: Lt. Kernal Hard Disk Drive, Review: Jeremy Silman's Guide To Chess Openings and 50 Classic Chess Games, Review: Maniac Mansion, Review: Bazooka Bill-Sanxion- Delta Patrol, Litterbug, The Gumball Rally, Sketch Pad, Computing for Families: Holding a High-Tech Yard Sale, Fraction Practice II, Poster Printer, Subprograms for the 64, SpeedScript 128 Date and Time Stamper, Renumber, Sprite Monitor, Barricade Buster: Accessing the 128's 80-Column Screen, Top Secret, BASIC for Beginners: The MID$ Function, Power BASIC: Crystal Clear, Horizons: The Beast with Two Brains, The GEOS Column: GeoPuzzle -- Part 2

December 1987 December 1987 - Issue 54, Vol. 5, No. 12 disk
Best Sellers! Commodore Games That Live On and On, Gazette Readership Survey, Review: EOS -- Earth Orbit Stations, Review: Dan Dare -- Pilot of the Future, Review: 1541/1571 Drive Alignment System, Review: Street Sports Baseball, Review: The Advanced OCP Art Studio, Crossroads, Snake Pit, Root Race, Word Find, Animal Match, Computing For Families: So Where Is The Robot?, Machine Language for Beginners: Strings, BASIC for Beginners: Working with Strings, Hints & Tips: Quick and Easy, Power BASIC: Power Pause, Instant-80: True 80 Column Preview for SpeedScript, Customize Your 128's CP/M Keyboard, Grafnastics, Disk Rapid Transit, Dynamic Screen, PrintScreen, The GEOS Column: More on Strings, Horizons: What Is This-The Runaround?

January 1988 January 1988 - Issue 55, Vol. 6, No. 1 disk
How To Buy a Modem for Your Commodore, A Buyer's Guide to Modems, Going Online -- Getting in Touch with Some of the Best Commodore Bulletin Boards, Review: Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, Review: Rainy Day Games, Review: Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It, Review: Dolphin DOS, Delta War, Cats 'N' Dogs, Needlework Graphics Editor, Computing For Families: Robotics -- The Real Robot Revolution, Tile Paint for the 128, Sound Manager, Sprint II: A Compiler for the 64, ScrollEdit: A Scrolling BASIC Editor, Condensed Font, SpeedScript Justified, Machine Language Programming: The Native Tongue, BASIC For Beginners: Unstructured Programming, Power BASIC: Three Pack, Horizons: Structured Programming, The GEOS Column: Word Count, Editor's Notes, Feedback

February 1988 February 1988 - Issue 56, Vol. 6, No. 2
A Buyer's Guide to Commodore Graphics Programs, More Than Just Pretty Pictures: Graphics Software Goes to Work, Review: Beyond Zork, Review: Video Title Shop, Review: Commodore 2002 Monitor, Review: Premiere 35 Daisywheel Printer, Review: Mini-Putt, Mosaic, RADs, Computing for Families: Robotics -- I Dream of Intelligent Machines, Fire!, Final BASIC, BASIC for Beginners: The Random Function, Function Key Magician, Hints & Tips: Disk Drive Hints, Easy Load, Grand Pix, Turbo SpeedScript, Power BASIC: Impossible Borders, Multi-LIST, Machine Language Programming: From BASIC to Machine Language, Fast 64 Mode for the 128, Horizons: But Not Both, The GEOS Column: Mailbag

March 1988 March 1988 - Issue 57, Vol. 6, No. 3 disk
GEOS: Stretching The Boundaries -- A Conversation With Brian Dougherty, Report from Toronto: The World Of Commodore, Super CP/M Software for the 128 Part 1: Writer's Toolbox, Review: Skate or Die, Review: The Maxx-Out Series, Review: Force 7, Review: Thunderchopper, Review: Commodore 1581 Disk Drive, Oil Defense, Human Rat Race, Machine Language Programming: Managing Memory, BASIC for Beginners: More on the Random Function, Power BASIC: Color Lister, ML Cloner, Hi-Res Screen Dump for the Plus/4 and 16, Big Screen, Sketch Pad Plus, XpressCard 128, Basically Music, Computing for Families: The Secret Life of Fred D'Ignazio, The GEOS Column: Directory Printer, Horizons: The Software Police

1988 Special 1988 Special disk
Laser Chess, Basketball Sam & Ed, Chain Reaction, Ringside Boxing, Euchre, Miami Ice, Omicron, Solarpix, Math Dungeon, Vocab Builder, Hi-Res Print for Commodore 64, Text Framer, Snapshot, DOS Window, DOS Calc, Gradebook, Sprite Designer, Memo Diary, The Construction Set, 128 DOS Wedge, 128 Instant Keywords, 64 Mode Speed-Up for the 128, Mozart Magic, 128 File Viewer, 64 RAMdisk, Off-Screen Trace, 64 +, Printer Wedge, One-Touch Function Keys, Sequential File Editor, 64 Key, No-SYS Loader, 64 AutoBoot Maker

April 1988 April 1988 - Issue 58, Vol. 6, No. 4
Report from the 1988 Winter Consumer Electronics Show, Close Up: The Commodore 128D, Super CP/M Software for the 128 Part 2: Programmer's Toolbox, Review: Paperboy and Gauntlet, Review: Echelon, Review: Halls of Montezuma, Review: The Sentry, 3-D Speedway, Spy Defense, BASIC for Beginners: Number Drills, Machine Language Programming: File Handling, Power BASIC: Power POKE, Key Clicker, Mirrors, Speed File for the 64, Phantom LIST, DGraph: Hi-Res Commands for BASIC, Smart VAL, Ramdisk 128, Four for the 64, The GEOS Column: GeoPublish -- A Close Look, Horizons: Faster and Faster, Computing for Families: What Type of Person Likes Computers?

May 1988 May 1988 - Issue 59, Vol. 6, No. 5
All Together Now! Networking the Commodore 64, The Future of the 64 and 128: Industry Leaders' Forecasts, A Guide to Commodore User Groups: Part 1, Review: Airborne Ranger, Review: Sub Battle Simulator, Review: Chernobyl, Review: Amnesia, Trap, Treasure Diver, BASIC for Beginners, Machine Language Programming: Formatting Text, Power BASIC: Fast Hi-Res Screen Dump, Mob Maker, 1541 Speed and Alignment Tester, 128 Math Graphics, Periscope: A Disk Editor for the 128, Finding Your Way Around Commodore Disks, 64 Keyboard Enhancer, Relative Ease, Hi-Res Screen Show for the 128, Computing for Families: Worlds of Wonder -- WOW!, Horizons: Clocks and Cycles, The GEOS Column: Skeet

June 1988 June 1988 - Issue 60, Vol. 6, No. 6
Commodore-Ready Printers: The New Generation, A Buyer's Guide to Commodore- Ready Printers, A Guide to Commodore User Groups: Part 2, Review: Super Snapshot 3.0 and Slideshow Creator, Review: Kung-Fu Master, Review: Skyfox II: The Cygnus Conflict, Review: Tetris, Square Logix, Arcade Volleyball, Jericho, Ramdisk 64, Big Screen Converter, Pointer, Graphics Wedge, Excelfont 80: Super Character Editor for the 128, Eight Thousand Dragons, BASIC for Beginners: My Dear Aunt Sally, Machine Language Programming: Where to Locate, 3-D Bar Grapher for the 128, D'Iversions: 8K Memory Is Enough!, Horizons: Piracy -- The Readers Speak Out, The GEOS Column: geoPaint Super Chart

July 1988 July 1988 - Issue 61, Vol. 6, No. 7
Hard Disk Drives: The Powerful Peripherals, The Civil War on Disk, Review: Apollo 18, Review: Warp Speed, Review: Merlin 128, Review: The Train, Review: Speed Buggy, Bagger, Scrambler, BASIC for Beginners: BASIC Geometry, Machine Language Programming: Simple Counting Loops, Power BASIC: Quick Save, Hints & Tips: Disks and Files, V-8: Turbocharged Graphics for the 64, Error Analyzer, SYS Stamper, Emergency BASIC, Musical Zippers, D'Iversions: The Intimate Machine, Horizons: Viral Infections, The GEOS Column: Super Printer Driver

August 1988 August 1988 - Issue 62, Vol. 6, No. 8
MIDI Made Simple, MIDI and the Musician, Talk Is Cheaper, Buyer's Guide to Music Composition and Programming Software, Review: Zig-Zag and Plasmatron, Review: PaperClip III, Review: Power at Sea, Review: Hodge Podge, Review: Star NX-1000C Multi-Font Printer, BB Barrage, Cribbage, Investor, BASIC for Beginners: Rounding, Machine Language Programming: Pointer Loops, Hints & Tips: 64 and 128 Tricks, The Programmer's Page: That Won't Work, RAM Expander 64, Power BASIC: Shell Booter, 3-D Sprites, Zoom, Horizons: Computers' Conversations, D'Iversions: The Tinkertoy Tic-Tac-Toe Playing Computer, The GEOS Column: GEOS 128 Solutions

September 1988 September 1988 - Issue 63, Vol. 6, No. 9
Extra! Extra! Write All About it!, Putting It to Work, Review: Deja Vu, Review: Ticket to Washington D.C., Review: X-15 Alpha Mission, Review: Star Empire, Lincoln Green, Boom and Bust, Lava Flow, BASIC for Beginners: The Pigeonhole Analogy, The Programmer's Page: Did You Know That..., Machine Language Programming: Debugging, Pattern Fill, Multicolor Graphics Dump, Multicolor Graphics and Video Storage, ML Boot, SpeedCheck 128: A Spelling Checker for SpeedScript 128, Disk Package, MultiSort 128, D'Iversions: Murder at Palenque, Horizons: Counting People and Making Faces, The GEOS Column: Quick Clock

October 1988 October 1988 - Issue 64, Vol. 6, No. 10
Commodore Goes Back to School, Buyer's Guide to Preschool Software, Review: Blowup, Review: Excel 2001 Disk Drive, Review: Jinxter, Review: RoadRunner, Review: Impossible Mission II, Scorpion II, Maze Master, Computag, BASIC for Beginners: The Smalltown 500, Machine Language Programming: All About Numbers, The Programmer's Page: Using DOS, 64 Compressor, SpeedPrint, RAM Save, Speed Columns, Screenius, 128 Text Sorter, D'Iversions: Isaac Asimov -- Teacher for a Day, The GEOS Column: A Close-Up Look at geoProgrammer

November 1988 November 1988 - Issue 65, Vol. 6, No. 11
GEOS 2.0: A Major Upgrade -- New Improved Faster and Friendlier, Computers in the Real World, Buyer's Guide to Word Processors and Spelling Checkers, Review: Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate, Review: 4 x 4 Off-Road Racing, Review: Crossbow and Karnov, Review: Master Ninja: Shadow Warrior of Death, Review: Mainframe, Rally Racer, Block Out, Quolerus, BASIC for Beginners: Variables Revisited, Machine Language Programming: Kernal Keys, Easy LoaDIR, Sprite Killer, Notepad 64, Supratechnic, Custom Boot, Magnifier, D'Iversions: What Is a Robot?, Horizons: A Pirate Tells All, The GEOS Column: Font Grabber

December 1988 December 1988 - Issue 66, Vol. 6, No. 12 disk
88's Best Games, Ringside LXIV!, Gazette Readership Survey, Review: Red Storm Rising, Review: Sky Travel, Review: Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders, Review: Monopoly, Review: L.A. Crackdown, Review: The Three Stooges, Crossroads II: Pandemonium, Crossroads II Maze Editor, Double Take, BASIC for Beginners: Wish List, Power BASIC: Program Merge, Machine Language Programming: Dressing Up GETIN, The Programmer's Page: Printing Sounds, Digi-Sound, Materializer, Dynamic Windows, Quick!, 1526 PrintScreen, Key Lock, The GEOS Column: Contest Winners!, Horizons: Abusing Software, D'Iversions: An Electronic Field Trip

January 1989 January 1989 - Issue 67, Vol. 7, No. 1
A Guided Tour of Major Online Services, How to Get Published (and Make Money), Review: Pool of Radiance, Review: Bubble Ghost, Review: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Review: The Games -- Summer Edition, Disc Blitz, Bombardment, Jewel Grab, Smooth Scrolling Windows, Deluxe Input, 128 Animator, Smart Disassembler, Handy Filer, The Programmer's Page: Shorter Faster Better, BASIC for Beginners: More Disk BASIC, Machine Language Programming: String Passing, Horizons: The Brain's Tricks, D'Iversions: Where in the World?, The GEOS Column: Becoming a geoPaint Pro

February 1989 February 1989 - Issue 68, Vol. 7, No. 2
Around the World with Commodore, A Buyer's Guide to Personal Publishing Software, Review: Ocean Ranger, Review: Sporting News Baseball, Review: JiffyDOS, Review: Quick Brown Box, Review: Sesame Street Learning Kit-Volume 1, Tank Ambush, Gridloc, The Great Arcade Machine, Power BASIC: Binary/Hex Enhancer, 64 Runner, 1581 Alphabetizer, The Programmer's Page: Bugs, BASIC for Beginners: DEF FN and FN, Machine Language Programming: Same Game, But Faster!, Sound Wedge, Gabby, Horizons: That Masked Man, D'Iversions: Teachers and Technology in the 1990's, The GEOS Column: Close-Up -- geoChart

March 1989 March 1989 - Issue 69, Vol. 7, No. 3
Dream to Reality: Simulation Desi gners Speak Out, Buyer's Guide to Sports Games and Simulations, Review: Steel Thunder, Review: Instant Music, Review: Times of Lore, Review: M.I.S.L. Soccer, Review: Barbarian, Review: Stocker, The Anglers, Bacteria, Planebender, Bitmap Buster, Monthly Calendar, MultiView, BASIC for Beginners: Small Stuff, Programmer's Page: Tips from Readers, Power BASIC: On Break Goto, Machine Language Programming: Binary to Decimal, D'Iversions: Is There Life After Nintendo?, The GEOS Column: Screen Dumper, Horizons: What is Programming?

April 1989 April 1989 - Issue 70, Vol. 7, No. 4
Designing Your Own Programs, Making It Work, Buyer's Guide to Programming Aids, Futureware: Science Fiction on Disk, Review: The Faery Tale Adventure, Review: Designasaurus, Review: Neuromancer, Review: Heavy Metal -- Modern Land Combat, Review: Caveman Ugh-lympics, Review: Writer 64, Space Worms, Brusher, Power BASIC: Italics, BASIC 10, Sprite Fader for the 128, Comparator, Super Accelerator for the 128, Odometer, The Programmer's Page: April Fools, BASIC for Beginners, The Evolving Program, Machine Language Programming: Visible Division, Horizons: A Bit of History, D'Iversions: What's to Say About Computers?, The GEOS Column: File Saver

May 1989 May 1989 - Issue 71, Vol. 7, No. 5 disk
The Care and Feeding of Dot-Matrix Printers, Wonderware: Worlds of Fantasy on Disk, Plug In and Go: Commodore-Ready Printers, A Guide to Commodore User Groups: Part 1, Review: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Review: Ikari Warriors and Victory Road, Review: Decisive Battles of the American Civil War -- Volume III, Review: 1581 Toolkit, Review: Grand Prix Circuit, Review: Mars Saga, Verbatim, Knock 31, Hi-Res Windows, Ram Wedge 128, Shades, Super Slideshow, Dissolve 128, The Programmer's Page: Programming the 128, BASIC for Beginners: E Doesn't Mean Error, Power BASIC: Quick Print, Machine Language Programming: Simple Stack Stuff, Horizons: 64K -- Not What It Used to Be, D'Iversions: The Howard Cosell of Computer Sportscasting, The GEOS Column: Close-Up -- GEOS 128 Version 2.0

June 1989 June 1989 - Issue 72, Vol. 7, No. 6 disk
Best Arcade Sports Games, Guide to Commodore User Groups: Part 2, Review: First Over Germany, Jordan vs. Bird: One on One, Review: Rocket Ranger, Review: Predator, Review: Deathlord, Review: Minimodem-C, Jericho II: The Revenge, Match Mania, Grafix Converter, Ramdisk, Hi-Res 80 for the 128, SpeedCount, BASIC for Beginners: Bugbusters, Power BASIC: 128 Monitor Enhancer, The Programmer's Page: Self-Modifying BASIC, Machine Language Programming: Laws of Motion, MacroBASIC, The GEOS Column: Help Pad, Horizons: The Commodore 128 -- A Dinosaur?, D'Iversions: Nintendo Revisited

July 1989 July 1989 - Issue 73, Vol. 7, No. 7 disk
Make It Sing!: Speakers Stereo and MIDI Solutions, East Meets West: Hindu Music from Texas -- 64 Style, Online: Island of Fantasy, Review: Spectrum 128, Review: Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf, Review: Double Dare and Hollywood Squares, Review: Powerplay Hockey: USA vs. USSR, Review: Calculator 128, Mine Sweeper, Monster Bar-B-Q, Math Magic, CHR$ Graphics, Financial Planner, 1581 Directory Sorter, SFX Machine, The Programmer's Page: 64 Tips and 1571 ROMs, Basic for Beginners: Musical POKEs, Machine Language Programming: Simple ML Music, The GEOS Column: File Retriever, Horizons: The Newsletter Awards, D'Iversions: Where Have All The Robots Gone?

August 1989 August 1989 - Issue 74, Vol. 7, No. 8 disk
Here Come the Coin-Ops!, Explore Your 64!, Review: Guerrilla War and Purple Heart, Review: Bible Search, Review: Out Run and Space Harrier, Review: USA Today Sports Center, Review: Aussie Joker Poker, Review: International Team Sports, Review: F-14 Tomcat, Boomerang, Marathon, Stars II, Quiz Maker, Screen Splitter, VDC Graphics: Bitmapped Graphics on the 80-Column Screen, Sprite Clock, Disk Doubler, Notepad 128, Sprite Fader 64, BASIC for Beginners: More Musical POKEs, Machine Language Programming: Wraparound Numbers, The Programmer's Page: Programmer's Survival Kit, D'Iversions: 64 vs. Nintendo -- The Debate Continues, Horizons: The Other Side of the Fence, The GEOS Column: Head to Head -- Writer 64 vs. Word Publisher

September 1989 September 1989 - Issue 75, Vol. 7, No. 9 disk
Who Ya Gonna Call? Your Commodore User Group, About Face! Commodore's Back in the Classroom, Review: Last Ninja 2, Review: Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer, Review: Word Writer 4, Review: Tower Toppler, Review: Demon's Winter, Review: Combat Course, Block Battle!, Wham Ball, Memo Card, 64 Animator, SpeedScript 128 Plus, EZ Bar Charter, MR Scribble, BASIC for Beginners: Nintendo vs. 64 -- Another View, The Programmer's Page: 128 Tips, Machine Language Programming: Powers of 2, Power BASIC: On the Border, D'Iversions: Commodore vs. Nintendo -- What's Your Opinion?, Horizons: Merci, Berkeley, The GEOS Column: Slideshow

October 1989 October 1989 - Issue 76, Vol. 7, No. 10
Looking Good! Tips and More Tips for Desktop Publishers, Review: Overrun!, Review: Chomp, Review: The Honeymooners, Review: Modem Wars, Review: Time & Majik, Review: Western Games, Slap Shot, Triple Search, Backdrops, Boot Maker, Diamonds, Text Screen Editor, RGB Kit, 128 Graphics Compactor, Machine Language Programming: Random-Number Test, Power BASIC: Screen Play, The Programmer's Page: Printing with Style, BASIC for Beginners: Good Vibes, Horizons: What's Going On?, D'Iversions: Commodore vs. Nintendo -- Strong Words from Readers, The GEOS Column: Disk Usage

November 1989 November 1989 - Issue 77, Vol. 7, No. 11 disk
Super Power Boosters, Cartridge Power!, Review: Batman, Review: RoboCop, Review: Smart Cart, Review: Destroyer Escort, Review: Navy Seal, White Water, Flash Card, DP BASIC, Universal Input, SpeedScript Easy Cursor, Copy 81, BASIC for Beginners: Keys to BASIC Programming, The Programmer's Page: Blast from the Past, Power BASIC: Vertical Scroller, Machine Language Programming: Random Thought, Horizons: The Computer's New Clothes, The GEOS Column: Turbo Format, D'Iversions: The Death of Nintendo, Editor's Notes, Letters to the Editor, Feedback

December 1989 December 1989 - Issue 78, Vol. 7, No. 12
Gazette Readership Survey, Best Games of '89, Review: Dr. Doom's Revenge, Review: The Duel -- Test Drive II, Review: QIX, Review: Risk, Review: Hillsfar, Review: Raw Recruit and Skate Crazy, Circuits, Final Defense, The Programmer's Page: Tips from Readers, Machine Language Programming: Sneaky Stack, BASIC for Beginners: Playing It, KTerm, Disk Inventory, 80-Column Screen Flipper, 80 x 50 Display, Power BASIC: Color Magic, Horizons: Vote For Me!, D'Iversions: Fame Nintendo and Robots, The GEOS Column: Mini Desktop

January 1990 January 1990 - Issue 79, Vol. 8, No. 1
'80s Ups & Downs, Future Computing: Part 1 -- Neural Networks, Review: Apache Strike, Review: Action Replay 5.0, Review: The Final Cartridge III, Review: Total Eclipse, Review: Omega, Flags, Royal Rescue, The Programmer's Page: Two Odd Ideas, BASIC for Beginners: Lesser-Known Commands, 1581 FastLoader, Bitmap Effects, Screen Pointer, Error Trapper, Power BASIC: Sprite Text Scroller, Machine Language Programming: A File Scanner, Horizons: What Are They Up To?, D'Iversions: Computer of the 21st Century, The GEOS Column: Screen Grabber

February 1990 February 1990 - Issue 80, Vol. 8, No. 2 disk
No. 2 Club Caribe: An Unabashed Tour of an Online Resort, The 64: Hot or Cold?, Future Computing: Part 2 -- Neural Networks, Review: Fire King, Review: Omni-Play Basketball, Review: Might and Magic II, Review: SimCity, Review: BattleTech, Review: Kings of the Beach, Qewb, Pinhead, Power BASIC: Font Magic, The Programmer's Page: Bugs, BASIC for Beginners: More Lesser-Known Commands, Disk Editor, Sound Sampler 64, Messenger, Machine Language Programming: A Word Counter, The GEOS Column: DirQuick, Horizons: Send Me Mail, D'Iversions: Design-a-Robot Contest

March 1990 March 1990 - Issue 81, Vol. 8, No. 3 disk
Safeguard Your System! How to Guard Against Bad Power, Future Computing: Part 3 -- Neural Networks, Review: Storm Across Europe, Review: Gauntlet II, Review: Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit, Review: World Geography, Review: Aussie Games, International Bounty Hunter, Planet Raider, Power BASIC: BASIC Labels, The Programmer's Page: Hints and Tips, BASIC for Beginners: AND OR and NOT, 1581 Partitioner, Screen Designer 128, Alias, Raster Master, Machine Language Programming: USR and Floating Point, Horizons: Computer Science, D'Iversions: Classrooms of Tomorrow, The GEOS Column: Calendar

April 1990 April 1990 - Issue 82, Vol. 8, No. 4 disk
All Around The House, From the Other Side: Sysops Speak Out, Review: Space Rogue, Review: Scrabble, Review: Sgt. Slaughter's Mat Wars, Review: Mean Streets, Apple Willie, Think Tank, BASIC for Beginners: Joysticks, The Programmer's Page: Disk Drives, Machine Language Programming: A File Lister, SynthPlayer, Bassem: A Machine Language Assembler -- Part 1, Execution Analyzer, MagnaPrint, Speed Columns 2.0, D'Iversions: A Telepresence in Cyberspace, Horizons: Here's the News, The GEOS Column: geoWrite Converter

May 1990 May 1990 - Issue 83, Vol. 8, No. 5 disk
State-of-the-Art Sports, A Guide to Commodore User Groups: Part 1, Review: Knights of Legend, Review: Blue Angels, Review: Beyond Dark Castle, Review: Windwalker, Review: Monopoly, Race Ace, Isolation, Sheerluck, BASIC for Beginners: The Timers, The Programmer's Page: Customizing Your Keyboard, Machine Language Programming: Interrupt Programming, VDC Monitor Plus, Bassem: A Machine Language Assembler -- Part 2, Custom Cursor, MiniMap, MegaSqueeze, Horizons: Off the Shelf, D'Iversions: Gateways into Virtual Reality, The GEOS Column: Closeup on GEORAM

June 1990 June 1990 - Issue 84, Vol. 8, No. 6
Into the Crystal Ball: Software Leaders' Outlook on the 64, Commodore Computer Shows: How to Get the Most Out of Them, A Guide to Commodore User Groups: Part 2, Review: Search for the Titanic, Review: FaceOff!, Review: Batman: The Movie, Review: Spanada 128, Mudfrog Math, Spheroids, BASIC for Beginners: More on Timers, The Programmer's Page: Printer Spooling, Machine Language Programming: Split Screen, Starburst Graphics, 1581 Path, Playfields, Electronic Billboard, D'Iversions: Highways of the Future, Horizons: Design-a-64 Contest Winners

Compute's Gazette was folded into COMPUTE! around this time.


October 1990 disk
Mail-Order Maze, A Teacher's Game Machine, 64/128 View, News & Notes, Feedback, Machine Language, D'Iversions, Beginner Basic, Programmer's Page, Auto Proofreader, How To Type In, Typing Aids, Section PI, Line-Up, Sound Master, Codebusters

November 1990 disk
Playing with the Big Boys: A Hard Drive for the 64/128, 64/128 View, News & Notes, Feedback, D'Iversions, Programmer's Page, Beginner Basic, Machine Language, Bug-Swatter, Typing Aids, Auto Proofreader, How To Type In, Times Table Tutor, Pharoh's Revenge, Ditto, Right/Side, Caveman, Tank Shootout

December 1990
Take a Scan at This, 64/128 View, News & Notes, Feedback, Programmer's Page, Beginner Basic, D'Iversions, Machine Language, Crown Quest, Stock Market 128, Fuse, High Voltage, Text Filter


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