Classic Computer Magazine Archive BEST OF ANTIC VOLUME 1

Handling Media

Diskettes and cassettes with computer data on them are easily damaged, especially diskettes. Never touch the surface ofthe magnetic medium with your fingers. Oil from your skin will interfere with the readability of data underneath.

Protect tapes and disks from magnetic sources such as televisions, telephones and magnetized tools. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat can be damaging too, so store media safely away when not in use.

Dust and ash from cigarettes can accumulate on exposed disks, so always keep disks in their envelopes when not in use. Vertical storage in protective boxes helps. Liquid spilled on disks or tapes is almost always fatal. It is best not to eat or drink in your computing area.

Disks must be perfectly flat and free to move in their protective sheaths. Never bend or fold a diskette, nor write on it with a pen or pencil that requires pressure. Do not use paperclips on disks as these may crimp the sheath. Accidental creasing or crushing of disks in briefcases is a common tragedy.