Classic Computer Magazine Archive BEST OF ANTIC VOLUME 1

Crystal Caves

Making the most of a tight situation


Navigate your ship through treacherous caves in an attempt to get enough energy pellets to escape the cave you are in. The next cave is harder to escape from. Crystal Caves calls for both fast reflexes and strategy!

When you begin the game you will hear a beep. Your ship will appear in the center of the top part of your screen. You move right and left using the joystick. The fire button relocates you randomly at the top of the screen. If your ship touches any of the crystal walls, it will be destroyed. You only get one life.

If you absorb enough of the diamond-shaped energy pellets (by running into them), you will be transported out of the cave you are in. In the new cave will start fresh, but you will have to get more energy pellets to escape. Your score is based on how many caves you have gone through, and also how many extra energy pellets you have absorbed.

When your ship has been destroyed, the game will end and your score will be displayed. The game can be paused at any time by pressing [CTRL] and [ 1], and you can continue by pressing those keys again.

A good strategy for this game is to go into the largest "corridor" you can when faced with a choice of directions. You should use little jerks on the joystick when in cramped quarters. The fire button on your joystick should be used only if imminent death is certain.

by Thomas Edwards

System Requirements: 16K RAM, joystick

Listing: CRYSTAL.BAS Download