Classic Computer Magazine Archive BEST OF ANTIC VOLUME 1

Chicken A Great Game

Why did the chicken cross the road? To provide a premise for a computer game. Actually, our chicken is trying to score points by getting safely across this busy highway. Each time he succeeds adds to his score, but the cars go faster and faster. If he gets hit, the SPCA sends an ambulance and the cops slow the traffIc down for a while.

This clever game can be yours for the copying, courtesy of Stan Ockers, who wrote it in BASIC and assembly language, and Mike Dunn, editor of A.C.E. Newsletter (Eugene, Oregon), who printed it first and gave us permission to pass it on to you.

System Requirements 16K RAM, joystick

by Stan Ockers

Stan Ockers, from Lockport, Illinois, has brightened the world of ATARI enthusiasts with his selfless support of user groups and contributions to "the publicdomain," that large and "rowing body of programs appearing in newsletters and in ANTIC for which no commercial software rights are claimed. Chicken, ANTIC's first public domain game, is representative of the high quality of Stan's programming.

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