Classic Computer Magazine Archive BEST OF ANTIC VOLUME 1

Atari Support

Atari is the only microcomputer company with an extensive program of help for the owners of its products. There are more the 1700 authorized service centers in the United States, plus others abroad, where you can seek help. Just look in the yellow pages under "Computers - Service and Repair."

Also, Atari maintains a staff of trained Agents and Product Specialists available at toll-free phone lines to answer questions from customers. These numbers are: 800-538-8543 (continental U.S., except California) and 800-672-1404 (California only.)

Users groups, that is, local or regional clubs of Atari owners, are located in many populated areas and are especially helpful to beginners. Atari has an office from which a list of these groups can be obtained. Call 408-7434196 for user group information only, or write User Group Support, Atari, Inc., 1399 Moffet Park Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.