Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 9, NO. 2 / JUNE 1990



(PrintShop Graphics)
PCS Software
P.O. BOX 18574
Salt Lake City, UT 84118
$14.95 each, 48K disk

Expand your PrintShop graphics collection with these two sets from PCS Software. For all your Boy Scout activities, The Scouter features 120 graphics of Scouting and Indian lore. With these graphics, you'll always Be Prepared for Pack Meeting announcements, special occasions and activities calendars. In addition, you get two free disks with over 300 graphics of merit badges, awards, animals, and more. Holidays and Special Events presents 120 graphics with which to celebrate 36 different holidays and events, from New Year's Day to Christmas - with a specially creepy set of ghoulies for Halloween!


(home finance)
Carl Campbell
4250 Rt. 307 E. #75
Geneva, OH 44041
$10, 48K disk

Thinking of buying a new house, car or boat? Trying to decide on a savings plan for you child's college education, a dream vacation, or your retirement? With Savings and Loan you can analyze almost any type of loan or savings plan. In just seconds you can figure out your monthly and yearly payments on a loan, and how much capital and interest would be paid off. See how long it would take you to double your savings, or see a yearly analysis for monthly deposits to an IRA, CD, savings account or loan.

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